Young Blood: Taylr Kreutziger

Every city houses a group of people with hearts that beat with blood unlike the rest. They are the wanderers, the innovators, the vagabonds; the rebels, bohemians, hippies and exiles. They are the beatniks and the dreamers. They are called outsiders; the architects of an independent and authentic life.

We call them Young Bloods – creative visionaries and powerful rebels, employing their talents and visions across diverse fields of practice. Meet our newest Young Blood, Taylr Kreutziger. A photographer by trade and creative at heart, Taylr’s positive and creative energy fills the room the moment she enters. Scope our Q&A with her below, and check out her blog here.


My name is: Taylr, also know as @taylranne in the digital world. My close friends call me T or Tay.

I am a: Photographer, blogger, visual artist…also a self-proclaimed stylist, designer, & travel enthusiast.

First thought waking up this morning: Tea. [Mornings are my favorite. I try to wake up by 6am everyday to allow myself a peaceful morning…perfect for answering emails, reading through blogs, making breakfast and planning my day.]

Daily necessity: My iPhone.

What I love about photography is: Over the past five years, photography has really become my main creative outlet. I used to draw and paint quite often, but there was something about photography that satisfied my soul. Along with shooting photographs for work, I love being able to capture candid moments of the ones I love. Even if it is taken with my iPhone, on a Sunday morning, in my living room. Those stay with me forever. Since the start, photography has transformed and evolved tremendously, leaving inspired artists with endless tools and possibilities for expression.

Photography is not only a way to capture a moment in time, but is a way to share a creative vision with others. One can look at the sky, a flower, or the face of another, and see it in a completely different way than the person next to them.. and to me, that is the most beautiful thing in the world.


In the last 24 hours I was inspired by: Good morning text messages, the incredibly talented and passionate people I follow on Instagram, empty pages in my moleskin notebook, my mother’s laugh, and the white wall outside my window that has beautiful shadows all afternoon.

Favorite fashion items and accessories for Fall: Neutrals, neutrals and more neutrals. I am such a fan of oversized turtleneck sweaters, crisp white button-ups, ankle cut trousers, bohemian patterns and sheer tops & dresses. I have a very minimal style, with a slight 1970’s muse. (Think Jane Birkin meets MK & A Olsen.) My go-to outfit usually consists of a basic top, chunky knit sweater or structured coat, either cut-offs/jeans, and a pair of rad booties. I almost never leave the house without a hat or my favorite gold jewelry (that I practically live in). Fall and Winter are my favorite seasons to dress for; I could go on and on about how excited this time of the year makes me. Last winter, I found this vintage leather jacket with fringe across the entire back. It was such a gem to find and now it’s as if it is one-of-a-kind!

Current vice: Hats. Oh gosh, I have so many hats..

Three things that few people know about me:
1. I’ve never had a cup of plain black coffee.
2. I have a definite “old soul” side to me. I have a major love for 1940’s era music and black and white movies.. also, I like to knit rad oversized wool scarves, and I’ll take a handwritten letter over an email, any day.
3. I swoon over 1970’s motorcycles and a man who can make me laugh. I also have a slight (healthy) obsession with rooftop views, surfing during the winter, reading, the color black, coffee table books, good eyebrows, and spaces with beautiful natural light.

Words to live by:

Do what you love every day. Tell people you love them. And remember, it’s okay to be vulnerable and to make a fool of yourself every now and then.


On Taylr: Novella Royale (white top), Free People (black cut-offs), LACAUSA (Black sheer top & dress), Cleobella tunic, Leather Fringe (vintage).


Photography: Robby Mueller

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