Use the Whole Buffalo: LA Fashion Brand, Chop Siouxy, is Equal Parts Rad and Resourceful!


We can’t get enough of LA based fashion brand, Chop Siouxy. The lovely ladies behind the brand, Christina Bernal (Founder) and Sara Sigman are bringing eco-friendly styles, recycled fabrics and local communities together to build one rad label. A cute play on words from Christina’s Sioux heritage, Chop Siouxy is a vintage inspired collection of graphic tees, unique prints, and silk dresses and ensembles for the ultimate SoCal inspired free spirit.

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Christina has aspired to be a fashion designer since she was just a kid. Taking classes at night while working full time and raising a son taught her not only how to manage her time and resources, but that hard work and dedication would be instrumental in shaping her childhood dream. Most of her early experience comes from her background in lingerie; some of that foundation is even evident in her current Chop Siouxy collections. As a way to decompress after long days, Christina would take to the thrift stores to unwind. “They always have nice music playing, no one bothers you, and you can spend an hour or two just sifting through the clothes.” She had the patience and the eye for the perfect finds, seeing something in a piece and knowing it had potential. That skill is inherent in the vintage motifs of Chop Siouxy.

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While Christina is inspired by vintage pieces and 70’s style, Sara brings some 90’s flair and knowledge of current trends to the line. It’s a balance of styles – “There’s a hint of each of us in every piece, and you can sometimes even tell which is which,” says Sara.

The duo begins the design process by looking at fashion icons. “We’ll be in a phase. I’ll be obsessed with someone and she [Christina] will be obsessed with someone,” says Sara. Christina is often looking to Brigitte Bardot, Bianca Jagger and even Keith Richards – “The way that people put things together can inspire a look.”   They’ll do a little bit of trend research to see what colors, styles, etc are large, but as Sara says, “the whole point is that Chop Sioux embodies a timeless piece – you can wear it today, you can wear it in two years, and ten years from now, you can find it in your closet and be like ‘look at this sweet vintage tee!’”


Everything in the Chop Siouxy collection is handmade with care in the S.O. Terik factory store DTLA (that Christina also co-owns). Even for bigger orders, they ensure that production stays in LA, hoping to bring the garmet industry and its corresponding jobs back downtown. All of the fabric that is used in the collections is select overstock fabric – often why there are limited quantities of pieces in certain prints. “There’s plenty of good fabric out there – why not use it! Turn it inside out, reinvent it,” explains Sara. Additionally, all of the designs on the graphic tees are hand drawn, many by local and independent artists. All of this lends it self to the Chop Siouxy inhouse motto: “Use the Whole Buffalo.”

“Use everything around you. Use all of your resources. We’re always thinking of ways to use up every last bit of fabric – there’s no room for waste,” says Christina.


Quality is obviously imperative as well. “Fit and feel of fabric is really important to me,” says Christina. “I can’t wear anything that doesn’t fit or feel good!” Chop Siouxy is all about the timeless, transitional pieces that are the essential to any girl’s collection. Trust us, the next Chop Siouxy piece that you buy, you will live in. It’s just that comfortably cool.


Don’t forget to check out Chop Siouxy at Pool Trade Show in Las Vegas, February 19, 20, and 21 at Booth 44030. They’ll be showcasing their first holiday line and a special resort line. Expect new styles, fun party dresses (Bianca Jagger meets Audrey Hepburn) and some exciting new designs!

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