The Essence of Light

Like a moth to a flame I’ve been lusting after light lately. I look at the way that the light beams through my bamboo blinds and hits my bed in the morning, and I can’t help but stare. I want to hold it and hug it and wrap it around myself and feel its presence. And in this way, the essence of light stems beyond the physical; I think we are all seeking light in many ways. Sometimes light is a path – a direction to follow or a metaphysical guide of sorts. Sometimes light is a feeling – a positive energy, a lingering brightness, the feeling of happiness. And sometimes that light is a person – someone who sets your spirit on fire just by their presence. Someone who loves to watch your own light burn, and then seeks to fan your flames.

While I’ve been inspired by all aspects of light lately, it’s best depicted in interior spaces and architecture. I can’t wait for the day when I can drown myself in natural light, feel it pour in through lofted windows and spill onto the floor.

Windows 1

This home from Emily Gray in Amsterdam is my absolute dream home – teepees, fur rugs, floor to ceiling windows and concrete floors makes this place paradise.

Windows 4

Obsessed with this light-drenched work station.

Windows 5

And this one as well.

Windows 7

Epic windows make for a dreamy living room.

Windows 8

Waking up next to a full wall of windows into a garden.

Windows 9

Love everything about this cozy chair and assortment of botany.

Windows 10

The perfect window.

Windows 11

Isabel Wilson‘s beautiful loft space + plant-dripped window sill.

Windows 13

This tiled floor + open window combination is everything.

Windows 14

Madelynn Furlong‘s Minneapolis apartment is pinterest worthy.

Windows 12

And an ode to simplicity.


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