The CULT Hit List: July 22-27





Get lucky this weekend with the second annual LUCKYRICE Feast in Culver City. Asian culinary treats will be served from the likes of Sang Yoon (of Father’s Office and Lukshon and host of the festivities), Bryant Ng (of Spice Table), Thomas Lim (of Goldie’s), and more! Don’t forget to grab a cocktail with Bombay Sapphire East gin to go with that “Flaming Ball” from the dudes at Seoul Sausage!






The 2013 RVCA Caravan is an inspiring series of short videos shot by Brandon Jensen and Jimmy James as well as photographs by Keegan Gibbs, Tom Hawkins, and Bryce Golder that follows your favorite RVCA advocates (read: hot skaters and rad surfer chics) on a two week road trip from Byron Bay to Sydney. It documents the crew on the road trip as they skate, surf, and explore, connecting over art, music and a passion for adventure.




Hair tutorials are a dime a dozen these days (thank you, YouTube!), but Keiko Lynn’s milkmaid braid how-to is not only super helpful, but really gorgeous to look at! Her sister’s hair has teal streaks, making her updo even more awesome. Having a dope dress doesn’t hurt either!

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Kathryn Bentley’s Silver Lake shop, Dream Collective, is a heavenly place. Of A Kind caught up with the designer and store owner to chat about three of the LA-based labels she carries. Trust, we love nothing more than a hometown hero story!






Thought thank you cards were extinct? Think again! Katie Barrie (an LA-based artist) has been creating some quirky stationary over at her Etsy shop, Girl Chewing Gum. Perfect for fellow wanderers, the paper products feature images of teepees, tents, campfires, and s’mores.


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