Tarot 101: The Wheel of Fortune Card

The idea of fate can be an intimidating thing. If you’re anything like me and love having the power-woman aesthetic going on (or pretending you have it going on) the idea of preordained results and destiny can seem a little bit touchy. Where’s your own power if things are going to happen regardless?

Cue the Wheel of Fortune theme, this is where the tarot comes in.

The tarot. Mention it to someone who isn’t familiar with the ancient cards and the ideals of devil worship and concrete fate come up. But (surprise), the tarot isn’t telling you what your fate holds and it’s surely not conjuring up Satan.  If anything, the tarot is a map to unknown parts of yourself and your consciousness; it’s a mirror to parts of yourself that usually remain veiled or hidden. The tarot doesn’t read the destiny you have no control over, the tarot reads you. The tarot connects your own consciousness to universal consciousness, revealing clues as to what you may have known, but were most likely unaware of. 

So, what does this have to do with fate? Well, the first card in this tarot-of-the month series is none other than The Wheel of Fortune, THE fate card. The Wheel, however, doesn’t mean fate in terms of preordained destiny and uncontrollable actions. The Wheel speaks of what you’ve done to get to where you’re going; it’s hard work paying off, a shift, a MAJOR shift, in the way things are working for you. The Wheel of Fortune speaks of fortune, of course, and this card speaks of connection to your intuition and manifesting change and making things HAPPEN. This card is the idea that things are falling into place and shifting there because you willed it, and because the cosmos made it happen. The Wheel is an “embodiment of synchronicity, a reminder that the divine is saying hey, you’re exactly where you need to be”. What’s more reassuring than that?! 

How can you channel the energy of The Wheel of Fortune?

Breathe. Things are shifting and changing and be reassured, things are happening and new doors are opening. It’s a new beginning, a new season and as things shift it’s easy to want to remain comfortable. Change is good and as your fortune is revealed, engage in the shift and OWN IT. The Wheel is a great card to remind you that you are responsible for the destiny that’s manifesting in front of you, be proud, prosper and love it.  It’s also a good reminder that big things are coming and it’s always good to have a positive outlook as this happens.

If The Wheel of Fortune were an Autumn/Winter 2015 Collection it would be Dries Van Noten’s latest.

If this card were a collection it would hands down be Dries Van Noten’s.  A glamorous take on the 70’s was present, this time coupling with rich brocades, sculptural floral necklaces, and the most luxurious looking fur and shearlings.  This collection embodies the idea of fortune in a beautiful way; fortune isn’t diamonds on diamonds, instead it’s rich fabrics and slim waists and an understated, comfortable sort of luxury. This is the ultimate feel glamorous collection, in a chic vintage inspired sort of way collection.  The glamour and promise of the Wheel of Fortune are present throughout the collection.

If The Wheel of Fortune were a drink it would be  The French 75.

This drink embodies the celebratory nature of the card to a tee. Gin, Lemon Juice, champagne?!  A luxurious drink is in order to celebrate good fortune. Find the recipe HERE.

If The Wheel of Fortune were a song it would be Across the Universe by The Beatles.

The song offers a melody that embodies the idea of fate and fortune and beauty, a kiss on the lips of the universe. The mantra in Sanskrit, “Jai Guru Deva OM” means glory to the remover of darkness, a perfect tribute to the shifting movement of the wheel.  The Beatles were in their own right a manifestation of The Wheel of Fortune. They shifted things through their music, through having their own aesthetic and power and sound. Both The Beatles and Across the Universe are a good way to think of this card.

What’s shifting for you this spring? Where do you find comfort in the idea of things moving along as they should? Bask in the sweet embrace of The Wheel of Fortune, what a beautiful thing fate can be.

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