SEESALT – Sea, Air, and Land Combine in the Latest SALT Optics Collection

At first glance, California-based optical and sunglass brand, SALT Optics invited us in with their earthy-inspired aesthetic and community-driven mission. It’s no surprise, then, that their latest optical collection integrates both of these elements in SEESALT – an entire collection inspired by three rad travel, nature and outdoor photographers. Each photographer possesses an interest in a unique subject matter, with the goal under one common theme – to admire and be inspired by earthly elements.

Meet Adam Bove ( The Air), Daniel Russo (The Sea), and Meg Haywood Sullivan (The Land). Their work combined, defines the SEESALT aesthetic – vibrant ocean blues, red rock mountain sunrises, smokey grays and deep forest greens. We had fun shopping the new collection, pairing each frame with a different photo from the SALT muses – scope our pairings below and shop their new collection here.

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