Your Monthly TarotScope: April 2015

Life happens, wild ones, and it happens fast. Sometimes we get caught in life’s dizzy spiral that we forget that we are the ones steering ourselves in circles to begin with. This month’s TarotScope from our resident tarot reader and certified life coach, Natalie Vartanian, is all about regaining control, understanding that we are the masters of our destiny and learning how to take the reigns. Scope your monthly TarotScope below and cheers to running April, and not letting it run you.

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OVERARCHING THEME – The Wheel of Fortune Card

The Challenge: That saying that life is a crap shoot, to a certain extent is true. You never know what is going to present itself on a day to day basis. Whether it is an opportunity or a bump in the road, it is unpredictable and unattached to who, what where and how. Life happens. The Wheel reminds us that we are the masters of our destiny. Things may feel up in the air, constantly changing, or just plain unclear, but there is still a lot that you can feel grounded in and see the fruits of your labor. We are the only ones that will create our fortune. If things are not going according to your desires (or plans), at any moment you can grab that wheel and spin it again. The challenge is definitely in the times you need to simply go with the flow, however you have got to also be in action and direct that energy to make sure it is spinning in the desired direction. What goes down must come up at some point.

The Opportunity: The wonderful wheel of fortune to me signifies the winds of change! We are getting in to an upswing month. You are destined for greatness and success … we all are. So first and foremost you need to fully own what is possible and what you are capable of – those amazing ideas, they are going to pay off for you because you know how to make shit happen! Fortunate people are those who make the best of situations and when the opportunity presents itself, they strike. You have that power and ability to turn things around. Remember to focus on all of  the riches life has to offer. ALSO if you haven’t been feeling super connected to your passion, your why, your reason for being here, then spin that wheel again so you can get REconnected! Next, look at where in your life you are giving away your power or not taking control of the outcome and flip that script.

The Takeaway: This month is about feeling the prosperity and potential in in your life, then taking action to grow that even more. If something isn’t working, let it go and do something different. Again, you are the creator of your fortune, so don’t be afraid to keep spinning until you get it right. Your homework is to focus on the fact that your fortune is not based on fate or destiny, it’s up to you! It’s up to you to create it. As soon as you really get that, the concept that you can literally have any of your wishes be fulfilled, your energy will dramatically shift and as a result you will be able to attract the fortune to you like a magnet! Now that’s magic. You will have spun the wheel and it will have landed on that lucky square that screams JACKPOT.

 hangedtarotAries (March 21-April 19) – The Hanged Man Card 

The Challenge: My dear Aries, this month may feel a bit slow (to put it lightly). In certain areas of your life anyway. It may feel frustrating because you want it, and like now! Whatever IT is.  You are an impatient fire sign after all, not to mention born to be at the head of the pack forging forward boldly and swiftly. I know patience may not be your greatest virtue, however it’s not quite time … there is still processing to do … the fruit is not QUITE ripe yet. Trust me it will be worth it when it is so try and hang on just a little bit longer. There are lessons here that may or may not be hard to accept, either way they are necessary for the bigger picture of your life. As tough as it will be to take a more hands off approach to things, that is exactly what is needed.

The Opportunity: This is definitely a time of transition and spiritual evolution. As in old you is wanting to die and new you wants to burst through and bloom like the brilliant flower it is. This transition may feel painful but think of the butterfly – it needs to have the perfect amount of time in crysalis and when it is ready to break out of the cocoon, the growing pains will be present but it’s only temporary. You cannot rush the metamorphosis process otherwise the caterpillar will die and never have the chance to become the big, bold, beautiful and FREE butterfly. So while you are hanging out there on that limb, maybe you can use this opportunity to really ground in what you do know to be true and what you have created thus far, knowing full well you deserve all of the amazingness that I know for sure is to come. Trust is your key word right now.

The Takeaway: This month trust in the divine timing of things … keep on visualizing what you want and then breath in the knowing that the Universe is taking care of all of that for you. The gratitude game is great when we need to ground in what we have accomplished to date and if that isn’t working, go back to day dreaming as to what all is waiting to show up for you this year. Your job is to dream it and then take the steps towards it. Don’t worry about the how, that’s the Universe’s job!

WildUnknown_1MagicianTaurus (April 20 – May 20) – The Magician Card

The Challenge: Do you see yourself as a magician or do you see yourself more as the apprentice my dear Taurus? It can be really easy to want to hunker down, do the minimal amount of work necessary and hope that someone else takes the lead, however you may end up with an end result that is not your true heart’s desire. You have it all within you to create magic and this month will definitely have that whimsical energy if you embrace your powers to manifest your heart’s desires. You have been toiling and studying and researching and practicing your whole life – time to step into the position you have been working hard for this entire time. Time to stop ignoring your abilities, resources, knowledge, experience and know you have what it takes … no more acting powerless!

The Opportunity: The Magician is asking you to really evolve spiritually and practically. Clarity of purpose and capabilities are crucial because unless you know the outcome of the magic trick, you won’t be able to come up with the act and the steps needed to produce that result. Plus it may not happen right away, you may need to practice a few times before perfecting the magic trick, but you’ve got to start somewhere. Speaking of magic, some majorly good mystical stuff is coming your way … magic like you have never seen before. So remember that we are all constantly evolving and learning and growing … you are not the same person you were before. You are no longer that apprentice.

The Takeaway: Remember this is YOUR show now (your life) and you have the power to do whatever you want and have whatever you want happen. When you truly GET that, it will be magic making time! This month begin to practice putting all of your focus and energy and action on what you want to have manifest and let the powers that be do the rest. Stand tall, stand confident and let the world see all of the amazing tricks you have up your sleeve.

d2c89fa8e2e8681e729c55a5d06d7afeGemini (May 21 – June 20) – The Justice Card

The Challenge: My dear Gemini, when I see the Justice card, the following questions come to mind: What is fair and equitable? What is in the best interest of everyone involved? Justice is about seeing all sides and coming to an objective and swift decision that is for the greatest good of all parties. Justice is also balanced and impartial. As an air sign, you can more naturally live in this world because of your penchant for information – you tend to entertain a million ideas, communicate constantly, talk about your take on things, etc. So the challenge for you may be the need to stay silent. You may feel you know best without consulting others or have the desire to speak without considering how others may feel or take the decision without collecting all of the information first!

The Opportunity: There is a call here to open mind your mind and expand out of seeing the world in black and white, aka good or bad, right or wrong. It is about removing your filters and putting yourself more in other people’s shoes. There are so many points to stories we do not consider because we never inquire. We neglect to ask questions, see all sides of the story, get curious about what or why something happened. It’s about allowing people to speak their truths, and listening in a non-judgmental way. Then, having all of the pertinent information, you can choose at that point what your next course of action is but from a much more enlightened place.

The Takeaway: This month is about dropping the assumptions and stories and conclusions you would jump to based on how things were done in the past.  It is about speaking less and listening more. It is about not taking things personally. It is about looking at the situations or relationships in your life and working to see it from another point of view. Justice will help you stay open and begin to operate from a truly unbiased place in the world.

starcardCancer (June 21 – July 22) – The Star Card

The Challenge: The Star card is that symbol of hope, wishes coming true and the faith that things will turn out in the way we dream them to be eventually. You have everything it takes to have an amazing life. The only thing that is going to get you stuck is buying into past beliefs, visions or way life was and getting super comfortable in your crab shell (a lot less scary when you know the surroundings and do not take action into the great unknown)! Instead of buying into the way things have been for a long time, or sinking into the moodiness you know quite well, it’s time to get back on the dreaming the big dreams horse! The Star card is one of my favorite cards in the deck … it could not be a more obvious Universal Thumbs Up in my opinion!

The Opportunity: Get really reconnected with what your true visions and dreams are for your life. I mean CRYSTAL clear. And all aspects of your life – not JUST your business. Don’t forget to dream BIG too! You know the saying shoot for the moon, so that if you miss you will at least land on the stars … this is what I mean by dreaming Big. Then work on the belief that you deserve it and get to have it and enjoy the fuck out of it. What is the thing that guides you? What makes you want to get up out of bed every day? Passions, purpose, creativity is what is requiring your visioning power and you know creativity like no other sign my dear Cancer. The Star Card is the reminder to keep on going because your North Star is always guiding you!

The Takeaway: What all is possible when we know deep down, without a doubt, that everything always turns out? That is the question to ask yourself this month … take the time to journal, vision board, light your candles and pray for your heart’s desires. The Universe is listening, it always does.

 a155f80b8f5ef9a12bd6b810e136de57Leo (July 23 – August 22) – The Judgment Card (Reversed)

The Challenge: Time for a major decision to be made my dear Leo. I tend to describe this card as the “Come to Jesus” type situation. This card reminds us that the day always comes (Judgment Day) when we need to shit or get off the pot. There is no way of getting around it. You may have been dragging your feet or hoping you can postpone things a bit longer, but that is no longer an option. You are simply postponing the inevitable. This does not have to be a doom and gloom situation either. I know it may feel like a novel concept if you have been going through some hard times, or that a decision means an ending and a loss … however everything unfolds perfectly and happens to make us stronger and more committed to the fulfillment of our lives. Sometimes we have to be shown the dark side in order to appreciate the light and remember what is most important in our lives. Now that you know and have seen all sides, you can decide with more information and conviction.

The Opportunity: As opposed to seeing this as a “Have To” situation, look at it as a “Get To” one. Come at it from a place of responsibility and choice. There is freedom and focus when we make the decision and claim what we want. Much more powerful wouldn’t you say as opposed to coming at it from a victim, woe is me, poor thing position? You all have creativity and passion and purpose and vision coursing through your veins, you more than a lot of signs My dear Leo being a fire sign and the ‘King’ of the Jungle. You need to express it. They need to be realized. You have got to be ‘strong’ in pursuing those creative and passion pieces – to do the things that feel good for you. It is YOUR life after all. The world will tell you it’s crazy. But it’s not. What’s crazy is not creating, not producing, not living according to our values, not birthing something beautiful into the world that was conceived from your vision, whatever that vision is.

The Takeaway: Time to commit or recommit to your greatest good this month. To live the kind of live that has you FEEL alive, ready to jump out of bed and create. Follow your heart. Be happy. Do whatever is necessary to manifest the life of your dreams. It starts with making the decision to DO IT and close all those back doors that will get in the way! Your most magnificent world is waiting for you.

lovers-cardVirgo (August 23 – September 22) – The Lovers Card

The Challenge:  Sometimes it’s hard to be ‘in the moment’ when we are running around from thing to thing to thing my dear Virgo. You have had some ups and downs and the past few months felt freaking hard at times, I know that. As hard as it may be, it’s time to turn the tide for yourself 180 degrees. This month you have the Lovers card. The Lovers represent all things beauty, connection, love, intimacy, balance, giving and sharing.  When someone says that they’re in love and others joke about the rose-colored glasses, it’s because we most definitely have a perspective during that time of “life is beautiful” and is to be enjoyed fully! The butterflies in your stomach twittering away at all times is the goal!

The Opportunity:   Fall back in love again: In love with yourself, with life, with your dreams and visions. Because when we are in that state, we attract like moths to a flame. And while you’re at it, it wouldn’t hurt to open your heart back up to love of the romantic nature too if that has fallen flat. As you see the world through romantic lenses, there will be so many opportunities for you to ‘get your love on’. Life is to be lived with purpose and enjoyed. As Mr. Mack Douglas says … “Dedicate your life to a cause greater than yourself, and your life will become a glorious romance and adventure.”  You are doing just that … following a path of so much more purpose and passion. BE WITH IT in a deeper way.

The Takeaway:  Ask yourself the following questions: Have I been taking the time to stop and smell the roses? Have I truly been with others in a quality kind of way, including the way I have been with myself?  Let this be your permission to remember the important things in life and indulge those senses of yours. Be present to the beauty all around you!

7f5e1e5dc8bb3ce2fcb49dad5c60c3c7Libra (September 23 – October 22) – The High Priestess Card

The Challenge: Are you holding out on us in the magic department my dear Libra? Or more importantly, are you holding out on yourself? For as much as you rely more on the logical, rational, factual aspects of life, there is an undercurrent that runs just as deep and it is time for you to ‘go there’. As tough as it is not to have empirical evidence and get to a place of knowing FOR SURE that something will work and super well, the message here is to sit back and allow your manifesting magic to do the work. The High Priestess operates from a whole other realm and it may be hard to understand or explain but you will know it when you feel it … when you are tapped in yourself around, as well as around someone else who is truly tuned in to their own intuitive and esoteric nature.

The Opportunity: Your psychic abilities, intuition and spirituality are powerful and you are being called to explore that on an even deeper level (or maybe for the first time). Your prowess is impressive and there are worlds and wisdom unseen that you are merely beginning to scratch the surface of (in your life, in business, in love, everywhere). You are being asked to go inward a bit and operate from a place that knows, a place that is tapped into the divine order and flow. You can make magic happen when you tap into that side of you. You have the answers deep down, you have the tools and the knowledge, allow your subconscious mind and intuition to do most of the ‘work’ for you this month.

The Takeaway: This is a different place of power than most people are accustomed to because it does not involve a lot of action – it is more about the being, trusting and surrendering than the doing, worrying, plotting and planning. This month stop fighting the magical, effortless, intuitive way of operating in the world and let it all flow, flow, flow. Basically think less and act more, but from a place of feelings and intuition.

ee7b7c9c957b7aae630d2b1c7254fa60Scorpio (October 23 – November 21) – The World Card

The Challenge: When we have SUCH big visions it may be difficult to know where to start or more easy to get confused from time to time because we are in the weeds! You my dear Scorpio have such a penchant for perfection that you may forget to look up and tune back into the bigger picture! Or maybe you have felt that dreaming is unproductive or lazy or unrealistic … but that is probably a belief you have adopted by others. It isn’t the bigness of the vision or dream that is the problem ever, it is connection to the heart of it. At the heart of it we want to create our worlds to make us feel a certain way: happy, supported, safe, in love, compassionate, etc. And THAT you are easily able to tune into my super perceptive Scorpio … you know the worlds that are possible when you open up your heart and soul to the greater world around you. Don’t let yourself forget those pieces and allow insecurity and fear to take over with the planning towards that vision.

The Opportunity:  The World card is literally one of my favorite ones in the Tarot deck! What it represents is that we create our world, every single bit of it and that we can have it all. When it comes to your career, to me this signifies the permission to truly create whatever it is that your heart desires. Same goes for relationships, or the development of yourself. In every way, you get to sink into the fact that this is YOUR life, this is YOUR world and it is unfolding and evolving exactly as planned. It’s your world, you have permission to create EVERYTHING according to your heart desires. Every bit of it. The Universe is taking exquisite care of you … so be open to everything you have dreamed of AND more. Everything is going to connect together beautifully!

The Takeaway: Get clear on what that world looks like exactly … if you could have your world look any way you could dream it up, what would it entail? Don’t skimp on the details either. This month flush out that wonder world and take one solid step towards manifesting it! More than anything – lean way into the fact that you are already here, nothing to do and everything to BE and Have!

Screen Shot 2015-03-29 at 10.11.29 PMSagittarius (November 22 – December 21) – The Hierophant Card

The Challenge: This card is all about society, traditions, wisdom, knowledge, structures, systems, etc. The Hierophant has us looking at the places in which we are better served within that structure and knowledge passed down through times, or where we need to buck that system. We have got to inquire into where we need to trust our own wisdom and knowing versus following the tried and true path. When it come to knowledge, there is so much to learn, practice, experience, and so little time. You may have been in a soak it all up like a sponge place for a while which is great, however at a certain point you don’t need more information, you need more action. How else will you assert yourself as a thought leader unless you are sharing YOUR wisdom and knowledge and not always digesting everyone elses?

The Opportunity: The Hierophant is highlighting that it is time to step into your role as that thought leader or teacher, even if that means being the leader of your own life. By thought leader, I do not mean a traditional one however as each generation needs to take what worked before and add their own flavor to bring to the current times. You have no problem speaking what you see as truth and looking at everything objectively and without filters, keep doing that! Bring your flavor of wisdom to the world. This could look like being a mentor, educator, leader of beliefs and perspectives, creating an unconventional way of interacting with the traditional. You have done enough learning and preparing and planning. You are ready.

The Takeaway: Look around at the structures and beliefs in your life and decipher which ones you want to keep because they work for you and which ones you want to chuck because they are simply outdated! Now is the moment for you to take this ‘show’ on the ‘road’ and assert yourself as the head honcho. Take advantage of your new perspective and belief systems. You have a strong message to send to the world, so get on that pulpit and preach it! This month put more of you out there, whether it is through content, ideas, sharing of your truth, and let the people be educated and inspired by you.

04a7a31f1b7c38e21d6ec49597702cf8Capricorn (December 22 – January 19) – The Death Card

The Challenge: Don’t be afraid of the message this card has for you, my dear Capricorn. The Death Card represents things needing to literally die. A lot of times those endings can feel pretty dramatic. There is a finality here, and I feel it is happening in probably more than one area of your life. The drama does not have to be of soap opera proportions however and it doesn’t have to crush you from the sadness. Sometimes it is hard to let go, we hang on to something way longer than we should … putting that shit on life support and extending its life out however we can, when it really needs to be just dead and gone. A challenge for sure for an earth sign like yourself, who finds comfort in the known (aka having things stay the same).  Life is beginnings and ends and this is simply part of the process. What may be most challenging of all is the death of one way of operating/living your life/seeing yourself and embracing a new way.

The Opportunity:  No more dragging something for it to die a slow death – make it swift so that you can process and move on from it quicker. Whatever it is that is needing to die, it is time. This could be around money stuff and that scarcity mentality, or it could be the belief that there will never be enough or it will never happen. This could also be old relationships, situations that keep you feeling dead inside or ways of seeing the world that no longer serve you. In order for something new to be born, the existing cycle must end. It is up to you to end what was in the past to open up the floodgates for all of the amazing things wanting to enter. You know best what that is – you have a strategic and systematic mind so think of it as evaluating the situation and clearing out whatever is getting in the way so you can make room for the new.

The Takeaway:  This month is about the acceptance that your old way of being, whether in relationship, with your work, or even just how you show up in the world, is no longer accessible.  Remember to be gentle with yourself in this process. With death comes mourning and grief. It is a loss after all, whether the experience was positive or painful. Feel the feels with all of it. But also remember after death comes a birth. TLC is of the uppermost important for you … exquisite self care. You can do this. Know that what is waiting for you on the other side is love and fulfillment and the life of your dreams.

Screen Shot 2015-03-29 at 10.19.11 PMAquarius (January 20 – February 18) – The Tower Card

The Challenge: Has stuff felt like it’s been shifting around a lot or even breaking down all around you my dear Aquarius? A lot of times the Universe will clear out, whether you are ready for it or not (or even want it) all of the things that are getting in the way of you living your best life. I feel it happens in order to make us realize what the important things in life are. You have been building, building, building towards your (life) empire and all that busy-ness may have kept you from realizing how majorly your life was being impacted. Now that things are somewhat slowing down you are able to see clearer since the dust is settling. It is necessary for you to be aware of what exactly you are building and if it is on an old foundation or one that is intentionally and strategically put into place by you.

The Opportunity:  The Tower Card is more of an internal breaking down of ‘ivory towers’ for you than it is externally. Much more about our spiritual practices, connections with people and places, and the things required of us to stay the course, being much more rooted and stable, having peace as opposed to stress and anxiety. You need to do what feels good to you, what feeds your passion and purpose and creativity, otherwise what’s the point of any of this? You can sleepwalk through life and survive or you can thrive. Things will continue to be busy for you, but it also provides a great opportunity to get rid of whatever is not serving your purpose or personal fulfillment (and it will be obvious as the Tower really shows you what doesn’t fit or support your life).

The Takeaway: Allow the things that are not aligned with who you are now and your vision for your life to break away. This month ask yourself what your values are and if you are living in integrity with them? The more in integrity and committed and intentional you are, the less you will be shaken or taken off track. The faster you can let go of the things that are not meant to be in your life, for your greatest good, the easier it will be to put the pieces together for what is meant to be here.

Screen Shot 2015-03-29 at 10.11.41 PMPisces (February 19 – March 20) – The Chariot Card

The Challenge: Time to take the reins my dear Pisces. Whether you are ready or not, life moves forward, and fast at times, so you have two choices. You either take the wheel and decide which direction you want to go or you let yourself get dragged from behind. Not only is this painful, but you will end up somewhere you don’t want to go. You will have a lot of things competing for your time and priorities bubbling up constantly, but what The Chariot reminds you of is that YOU are ultimately in the drivers seat. You have got to commit to a path and start moving so that you can get to where you want to go … doesn’t mean you to have to STAY on that path, but the commitment energy will get the magical wheels in motion because it is a sign to the Universe that you are ready.

The Opportunity: You really do have so much energy happening right now, and that’s not necessarily a bad thing, it’s just a lot of activity. This is the time for you to make sure you are still driving so that you keep going in the direction of your desired destination. To me, the Chariot card means focusing in on the direction you are moving in, but also making the hard decisions you need to make in order for you to keep on that track. You have what it takes… this is YOUR show and you have the power to do whatever you want and have whatever you want happen. Things will most likely get busier and crazier as the seeds you planted start to strongly grow, which is why the focus is needed more than ever. You need to be the ones guiding the horses, not the other way around where the horses are guiding you!

The Takeaway: Do not allow outside forces to take you off track. Say no when you need to. Be very aware of when you say yes. Think of the bigger picture and the consequences of your actions – remember that the number one priority should be building your life empire. YOU come first.

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