Mojave November with Cynthia Rowley

November – the month of crimson sunsets, departing birds and bitter winds. Join us as we escape to the Mojave with Liz from Late Afternoon to celebrate the season’s change in Cynthia Rowley’s moody fall collection. Dark lace, structured dresses and retro-inspired silhouettes are staples of this seasonal capsule. As the precious hours of sunlight begin to dwindle and the vast empty valleys of the desert fill with frost, we are greeted with autumn in even the most unlikely of places. Embrace the art of layering in the perfect Cynthia Rowley Fall Collection, available here.

Cynthia Rowley - The Cult Collective44


Cynthia Rowley

Liz Cherkasova | Late Afternoon

Photography: Grant Legan

Styling: Jess Zanotti