Lack of Color – The Luxe Collection

By now, you’ve hopefully browsed through the Luxe Collection by Lack of Color, shot by Brydie Mack of Wolfcub Chronicles and featuring Alex Spencer of 4th and Bleeker. Here, we present a beautiful short film by Rob Tilbury showcasing the collection in a whole new light. Paying homage to female architecture and form, the film illustrates the juxtaposition between the Bauhaus style architectural movement and the beautiful female form of its muse.

“Perhaps the universe lies in every direction.
perhaps I’m waiting for it to wash away this
black and white vision of mine and illuminate
the colorful spectrum seeping under my skin.
perhaps I’m only experiencing a fantasy,
merely forgetting the color I used to be.
perhaps I shall dive into the stars instead,
into my own imagination and
live off my perennial dreams.”

Shop the Lack of Color Luxe Collection on their website and for even more styles, head over to the CULT shop.

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