10 LA Jewelry Designers You NEED to Know

Los Angeles boasts a myriad of trendsetters and accessory aficionados. There’s so much bling sparkling on the red carpet, yet a few distinct local designers have caught our eye here at CULT. From rattlesnake vertebrae to diamond encrusted skulls, allow us to shine the light on some of LA’s most drool-worthy bling.

Bones & Feathers Collective

Cole Morrall And Natalie Mauro founded the Bones & Feathers Collective out of a love of the bizarre. Statement pieces consist of metal-cast snake vertebrae and fox spine, while simple handcrafted gold pendants appeal to those coveting something less eccentric. We can’t get enough of these creepy pieces – the BFC babes are definitely on a roll and on our radar!



Screen shot 2013-07-30 at 10.47.11 PMNikki Montoya

We can’t take our eyes off of Nikki Montoya’s bronze bling. Inspired by vintage jewelry, sacred geometrics and pre-colombian artifacts, her collections add just enough edge without overdoing the everyday wear. The only question you’ll be asking yourself is which piece to boast. Plus, all of her materials are locally sourced, and the production is completed in her Silverlake Studio. This gal represents the tried & true LA spirit.



Luv AJ

Amanda Thomas is our spirit animal. Her line, Luv AJ, is a mix of worn and torn edginess with a hint of femininity that ranges from bodychains to handpieces and everything in between. They are the ultimate tough chic adornments, not for the faint of heart or dainty hand.






Aviary stands true to its name. Founder and designer Kelly Dent drew her inspiration from the beautiful scenes of the Bay Area, particularly feathers, birds and the grace of nature. Her line has since expanded to include flightless motifs, yet still paying homage to nature and its elements.



Ax + Apple

If you haven’t already seen Ax + Apple’s new lookbook, Supernal Den, you’re missing out. Jamie Lyn has sourced the perfect vintage one-of-a-kind pieces (world coins, brass beads, pocket-watch chains and pen knives, to name a few) to artfully attach to her already awesome statement pieces. We can’t get enough of her rocker-meets-bohemian spirit!






Unearthen pieces are said to have pre-selected the bearer. According to founder Gia Bahm, when the empty bullet meets the crystal it creates a powerful opposition that brings good fortune and new beginnings to the bearer. Each crystal contains a different element that has a different power, therefore it’s very important to select your crystal bullet carefully. Even if you are a skeptic, at least you’ll be in an aura of style.


Jennifer Meyer

We love Jennifer Meyer’s jewelry because of its versatility. Her pieces are elegant and timeless, yet artfully edgy. Following her grandmother’s footsteps in enamal jewelry design, her pieces are 18-karat gold and contain delicate precious and semi-precious stone accents. There’s an everyday piece in her collection for every wearer.

Screen shot 2013-07-30 at 11.33.41 PM

Gabrieal Artigas

Designer Gabrieal Artigas draws creativity from the composition of the world. Her pieces often embody natural and primal objects and an appreciation for imbalance and contrast. We’ll be adding these perfectly elegant and timeless pieces to the collection!





Tom Tom

Elena Howell of LA label Tom Tom is a geographical goddess. As a trained architect, her jewelry reflects geometrical structure with a modern presentation. Howell was even commissioned by Disney to design an accessory line inspired by the movie ‘Tron: Legacy’. Channel your own inner superhero diva with any one of her divine sculptural designs.


Screen shot 2013-07-30 at 11.43.41 PM


Suzanne Lequeux is the creative mastermind behind minimalist brand Rossmore (named in homage to LA’s Rossmore Ave, south of Melrose). The brand’s pieces are refined and delicate while retaining just enough edge for us to envy.






Did we miss any of your favorites? Let us know who your favorite local designers are in the comments below.

Cover photo by Marta Pozzan, wearing Luv AJ.

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