Pacific Northwest Dreaming – Exclusive Photo Series by Jake Clifford

Roadtripping through the Pacific Northwest is at the top of our bucket list. The eerie fog, dark forests and captivating coastal views are more than enough to draw us in. We’re even more obsessed with the PNW (as if that was possible) after seeing Seattle-based photographer Jake Clifford‘s exclusive series for CULT, centered around the spectacular PNW views and time spent embracing the region’s few sunny days.

“As a photographer, skateboarder, and motorcyclist, you truly appreciate that time you get with the sun. The annual number of days with sun, just this year, has been 164 days, which is actually pretty good. So when you have the chance to be outdoors,  you go out, and you go for gold.”

Luckily, overcast days create some of the best natural mood lighting for photos. A lack of sun won’t stop us from trying to visit, though!

Get inspired with Jake’s latest series, and check out more of his PNW and adventure-induced work here.


Jake Clifford for CULT


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