Gypsy Native – Exclusive CULT Editorial

And it rushes back to me in waves. The overwhelming attraction, inexplicable draw that I feel for the sea. When I am alone and I look out over the endless infinity, and when my eyes lock in to the blurry horizon where the ocean meets the sky, nothing else seems to matter. It is an ineffable love that I can feel rushing through my veins and awakening every bone of my body. I close my eyes and I feel your ghost whisper secrets in the wind, your words echo through my frame.

Each wave that kisses the shore carries with it its own story, a tale of lovers tryst, a consummation of love and an untimely departure. For the split second that the wave is paused upon the shoreline, the world seems to stop.  But just as all wild things, a gypsy native like me, each wave must eventually be set free.

“Yet there is something so beautiful in the way the ocean refuses to stop kissing the shoreline, no matter how many times it’s sent away.”

– (Sarah Kay)

Introducing our latest exclusive CULT editorial, Gypsy Native, inspired by the lure of the sea. Shot by Robby Mueller and featuring mega babe Natascha Elisa, we hope you find this latest series as captivating and mysterious as the beauty of the winter waves.

Scope the full series above and shop your favorite looks from the feature below!






Photography: Robby Mueller

Model: Natascha Elisa

Styling / Art Direction: Drea Sobieski

MUA: Kristi Mikesky



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