10 Foodies to Follow on Instagram

Allow us to teach you a thing or two about foodography. Actually, we’ll let these foodographers demonstrate for us, as they have mastered the art of the Instagram, down to the very last garnish, folded napkin and silver spoon accent. Sure, Instagram makes a photographer out of everyone, but it does take some skill to artfully assemble each of these captivating (and drool-inducing) photos – did we mention the actual recipes that are behind each one? Whether you’re looking to eat clean, indulge in a sweet treat, start a vegan diet or simply stumped on dinner, there’s an Instagram foodographer that caters to you.  So from farm to table and kitchen to kitchen, these are the 10 foodstagrams we deem worth following. Tell us your favorites in the comments below!

Dolly and Oatmeal


Dolly and Oatmeal is a savory & swoon-worthy, or shall we say spoon-worthy, blog produced by a Brooklyn-based aspiring clean eater named Lindsey. Her Instagram feed is filled with colorful vegetables, raw-inspired bowls and the occasional sweet treat or two, all with aims of using fresh, local and seasonal ingredients.

Oh Lady Cakes


Oh Lady Cakes is a curated collection of dessert dreams, artfully baked by a Denver foodie named Ashlae. Her Instagram feed is equal parts sweet and sinful. Best kept secret? All of her recipes are dairy free!

Local Milk


Beth Kirby possesses the trifecta of vital blogging skills that capture a foodie’s heart: eloquent writing, captivating photos, and delicious recipes  Her dark and moody Instagram feed is indulgent and divine, as are her recipes from her Southern-inspired blog.

The Sasha Diaries


When you’re in a meal slump and don’t know what to make, Sasha Gill is your go-to gal. While only 18-years young, her plant-based feed is an artful collection of raw-inspired recipes, colorful meals, and attainable ingredients; the perfect inspiration for tonight’s dinner.

The Pancake Princess


The Pancake Princess is a vegetarian blog with an emphasis on pastries and desserts, produced by a student slash photographer slash baker slash blogger named Erika. Your best source for Sunday brunch ideas; the photos on her Instagram alone will make your stomach growl.

Molly Yeh


A recent Big Apple to North Dakota transplant, Molly Yeh shares a behind the scenes look at life on a 5th generation farm through her Instagram feed. A variety of healthy, fresh eats gives us a new appreciation and desire for farm-to-table practice.

Tiffany Mitchell


Tiffany Mitchell is a Kentucky-based stylist, baker and illustrator, not to mention one half of the blog, Offbeat and Inspired. Her photos are a visual feast of greenery, travel, food and friendship as she documents her adventures from Kentucky to Chicago,visiting her Offbeat and Inspired partner-in-crime.

Two Red Bowls


Two Red Bowls is a Brooklyn-based blog with a feed that is equal parts savory and sweet. The pastry, bread and cake recipes are cheat-day-worthy and Sunday brunch approved.

Dishing Up the Dirt


Pacific Northwest farmer and foodie, Andrea Bemis, shows us the full scope of farm to table through her Instagram feed of animals, fresh produce and farm life. She recently relocated from Massachusetts to Oregon with her husband, and is documenting her new farming adventures on her blog, Dishing Up the Dirt.

Whole Healthy Glow


When it comes to whole food recipes and holistic health tips, Dorit Jaffe from the blog Whole Healthy Glow is our spirit animal. Her Instagram feed proves that a healthy bowl = a healthy glow, with numerous meal ideas, drinks and recipes both on her Instagram and on her blog. Who knew that eating earth could look so pretty?

Who are some of your favorite foodies, foodographers and food bloggers? Tell us in the comments, below!

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