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Festival weekend is #happening. I admit, this initially sparks the painful thought of a hot, sultry desert saturated with brands, bloggers, parties and other frills. Last year while I was partying away, an entire open bag of gummy bears melted over the driver seat of my car leaving one puddle of goopy melted bear. I’ll be better about my snack preferences this year.

All hot messes aside, at its very core, festival season is a celebration of the place where music meets fashion – a jubilee under the golden sun in the middle of the vacant desert and where freedom is not only essential – it’s innate. The festival is a special, albeit expensive, invitation to let our wild sides roam free. Here, there are no rules (well, a few), but there are no fashion rules. Yes, there will always be those donning a camera, outdoing their outfits for the sake of the surrounding press, but that is their own art – a tactful one – but to each her own.

While CULT does cover the occasional festival fashion-inspired lookbooks, photoshoots and trends, I made a decision not to write about “what to wear” to the festivals this year, because truth be told, I don’t want to tell you what to wear. I want you to wear what you want to wear.

This is one of the few opportunities of a lifetime for unimpeded self-expression, and shame on me if I ever try to ruin, persuade or abolish that.

While I do acknowledge that ‘festival’ has become quite synonymous with ‘season’ – much like Autumn/Winter, or Resort – ‘festival’ collections are influenced by the ethos and spirit of the festival. I love the idea of one art being inspired by another – culture inspiring music, music inspiring fashion – the ripple effect of a powerful movement.

So this is my final festival message advising you to forget about what everyone else is thinking about you this weekend because truthfully, they probably aren’t thinking about you. So whether you’re rocking a neon tutu, flower crown, face paint or duct tape, soak in every last sun ray and let yourself get lost in the music. Be you, do you, because no one else is, or ever will be you. Now let’s go get weird in the desert together.

– D












Ethiopie 2007






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