DontTellSummer – Hats With Purpose

We, at CULT, are advocates of the “if you want it, create it” philosophy. So when we meet brands and creatives along the way such as DontTellSummer that also support this credo, we’re extra excited and inspired.

DontTellSummer hats have a seemingly simple mission – to inspire its wearer to do what he/she loves, and do it now, rather than waiting for some point in the future. Simply wearing the hat is a declaration to live an authentic, inspired life. In the words of founder Olivia O’Connor, whether that’s as simple as saying yes to going for a surf that day, or choosing to finally pursue a dream that’s been sitting in your heart for awhile, the hat serves as a reminder to do what truly excites you.

So how can a hat do all of this? A portion of every purchase goes towards funding a young person’s vision. If you have the next big idea but need some help getting started, apply for funding here. And if you’d like to support someone’s vision, or simply rock the hat, shop for DontTellSummer here!

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