CULT MUSE: Cait Miers, Photographer

Looking for your daily dose of Vitamin D? Head over to photographer Cait Miers‘ Instagram page, where you’ll find an endless scroll of oceans and beaches, tropical vibes and life in the sun. Needless to say, we have a major girl crush on this Aussie babe.  Follow along on her travels as she discovers secluded beaches, swims with sea creatures, plays in the sand and captures it all with her lens.

Cait’s the type of person that radiates positive energy wherever she goes – like a sunbeam walking amongst the dark. Although just a newly grad, she’s already shot with brands such as Friend of MineArrow Divine, STEELE and SALT Store. Oh – and did we mention that she has already published her first book? Washed Elegance – a dreamy collection of surf-inspired photography.

Cait’s lifestyle and commitment to her craft has earned her our title of CULT MUSE. We caught up with her on a personal note to discover her favorite foods, inspiration and goals for her career. Get your sunshine fix and check out more of her portfolio here.

Photo by Hayden O’Neill

Photo by Hayden O’Neill

My name is Cait Miers. I am a freshly graduated freelance photog!  In the last 24 hours, I was inspired by taking time out to do Yoga with my bestie at 6am this morning.  My favorite places I’ve traveled to are the sweet deserted scapes of the Maldives but my personal escape is a little secret beach 5 mins from home.  I can’t live without – probably makes sense to say a camera! 

My photography is inspired by mermaids in the deep ocean.  My favorite food is, at the moment, Japanese, and my favorite part of my body is my double jointed elbows!  It’s a party trick. (;  The last song I listened to was a 3hr long tropical mix whilst editing and it reminded me of being in Bali!  I can’t stop laughing when someone else is laughing.

The ocean, to me, is zen time.  I wish more people in the world would say thank you.  My first thought waking up in the morning is – I wish it was something more wholesome then checking Instagram.  I feel the the most beautiful when I’ve spent a day down the beach, salty hair!  My dream destination is somewhere like Italy, exotic on the beach with lots of culture, because it would be beautiful to shoot there!  Travel is how I learn and grow. My goal this year is to stand my ground in the industry.  I hope my photography says a message.  

Photo by Hayden O’Neill

Photo by Hayden O’Neill

Words to live by: Do what you love, every day.

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