Artist Spotlight – Jordana Henry, Australia

Sometimes one object can transform the entire mood of a room. That’s the mark of Australian artist Jordana Henry, whose watercolor paintings emit a light, ethereal mood, instantly brightening the space they inhabit. Originally trained in the art of printmaking, Jordana’s style utilizes similar techniques with watercolor and paint to generate etch-inspired results.

Her work compliments the space it resides without over powering it. While the unique niché of interior styling was not her original forté, we’re sure there are many thankful spaces out there that are transformed thanks to her work. Read our Q&A with Jordana below, and view more of her beautiful work here.


CULT: Tell us about yourself – when and how did you learn to paint?

Jordana: I went to art school on the north coast of NSW where I majored in print making. I kind of taught myself to paint after graduating as I it wasn’t easy to find access to a printing press.
I found that I could get similar results from mark making with paint as I did with etchings.

CULT: Do you remember the first piece that you ever sold?

Jordana: Yes. It was an aluminium etching called “goes well with soft cheeses”. The work was made to replicate some large drawings I had made with red wine. It was sold at my university graduation art show in the country city of Lismore. A lady who curated for the Lismore Regional Art Gallery bought it for the same price I paid for the framing (I was just stoked to have sold it).
I was so excited that I took a few photos of the red dot (sold sticker) next to my name. It is such an awesome feeling when you sell your first work. It is unbelievable that someone who has never met you, would pay for something so sentimental to you – I definitely got my first dose of confidence after selling my first work.


CULT: What is your process like, from conception to completion?

Jordana: I like to think that my artworks are all about process rather then product. It is the “doing” part that makes the work conceptual. It begins with the choice of canvas. I have a love affair with beautifully made paper and materials. Once the canvas is chosen then the marks made and colours chosen are really just an intuitive response to whatever is inspiring me at that point in time.

CULT: You utilize similar colors and themes in your work – tell us about this inspiration.

Jordana: My work seems to have taken an organic direction towards interiors and interior styling. Although this was not my original intention, I guess this does to some extent fuel a lot of my inspiration. I love the use of beautiful, organic pigment and indigo in particular!
I go through certain fazes with colours. Once I get it out of my system, I move onto the next colours.


CULT: If you could hang any artist’s work on your wall – what piece would you select and from whom?

Jordana: Any work by Cy Twombly that was made between 1953 and 2011. He has always been my number one inspiration.

CULT: The one artist’s tool that you can’t live without?

Jordana: A giant sponge!


CULT: What do you hope that your paintings project onto the rooms they occupy?

Jordana: I enjoy hearing people’s response to my works. Some say that they find my works conceptually deep and others will hang one of paintings on their wall because it matches there cushion colour pallet. I just hope that my works are easy to enjoy and add to making a room somewhere people want to spend time in.

CULT: In the last 24 hours, what has inspired you?

Jordana: I went to Sydney over the weekend for a collaboration photoshoot. Collaborating with other like minded creatives is the most inspiring thing for me. It is the best way to learn. When you stop learning, you stop feeling inspired.


CULT: Advice for inspiring artists:

Jordana: Keep making art! It is a constant push but if you keep practicing and pushing through any ruts that you may have then you will find a place of enjoyment where other people’s opinion don’t mean much. It is at this place that you will find all the recognition comes to you naturally.

CULT: Words to live by:

“To gain your own voice, you have to forget about having it heard”- Allen Ginsberg (my most favourite writer of all time)

Jordana Henry



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