Young Blood: Sam Black

Every city houses a group of people with hearts that beat with blood unlike the rest. They are the wanderers, the innovators, the vagabonds; the rebels, bohemians, hippies and exiles. They are the beatniks and the dreamers. They are called outsiders; the architects of an independent and authentic life.

We call them Young Bloods – creative visionaries and powerful rebels, employing their talents and visions across diverse fields of practice. Meet our newest Young Blood, Sam Black. This mega babe lights up the room with her charisma and brings heaps of talent to the Young Blood family; a model by day turned DJ at night, Sam is a master of the #sidehustle – working at all hours to not just chase her dreams, but make them her bitch.

Sam and her partner-in-crime, Coco Hara DJ and produce under the moniker, Boystown, with recent gigs including the LA Wildfox store opening party. We anticipate that this is just the beginning of something big. Scope our quick Q&A with Sam below and hold tight as we wait for her first EP, self-titled Boystown to drop.

Photography: Grant Legan

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My name is: Sam Black @samblacky

I am a: Model/ DJ/ Producer/ Apparently white girl rapper now too?

My first time DJing was… In Australia at Trak, a 3,000 person mega club in Melbourne. My best friend, Sammy Prosser, throws the biggest nights in Victoria and booked me there opening for Joel Fletcher. It was gnarly!

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My favorite record is: INXS <3

In the last 24 hours I was inspired by… The writers, producers & engineers I worked with on a new track yesterday.

Three musicians, dead or alive to have dinner with: Gwen Steffani, Michael Hutchence, & Die Antwoord, obviously.

The one thing you never perform without is: Booze!!!

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Current vice: I kinda have anger issues… only when super justified, but yeah, bad.

Favorite food: Flaming Hot Cheetohs (I have cut down to a bag a week) / Sushi (consumed at least once a day… I may die of mercury poisoning) / CANDY (can’t even count the amount of times I eat candy a day)… My agency, Newmark Models, will love to hear about how healthy I am!

Words of wisdom: It’s simple. Don’t be a liar.

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Sam Black

Photography: Grant Legan

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