Young Blood: Katherine Amoedo

Every city houses a group of people with hearts that beat with blood unlike the rest. They are the wanderers, the innovators, the vagabonds; the rebels, bohemians, hippies and exiles. They are the beatniks and the dreamers. They are called outsiders; the architects of an independent and authentic life.

We call them Young Bloods – creative visionaries and powerful rebels, employing their talents and visions across diverse fields of practice. Meet our newest Young Blood and recent LA transplant, Katherine Amoedo, a yoga instructor and holistic health enthusiast. Katherine’s optimism and enthusiasm for her practice is contagious – we caught up in her Venice neighborhood and took to the beach for a mini yoga lesson from the pros!

AND, we’re super stoked that she will be joining the CULT team, contributing as our resident in-house yogi and holistic expert, guiding us through monthly yoga pose tutorials, yoga series, recipes and tips for healthy living!

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I am a: Recovering Capricorn 😉

Moment I knew I was in love with yoga: I have fallen in love with yoga many times in different ways. I fell in love after my first class because I felt so amazing afterward. Years later I fell in love again after teaching my first class and experiencing what it was like to share my passion with a room full of people.

Yoga is important because: Yoga is extremely multifaceted. It’s always there in the capacity I need it, be it a hot and sweaty class to get a killer workout or a slow and steady movement with the breath to go to when I need to tap into my intuition. As a moving meditation, it creates the space I need to slow my thoughts down and check in with what’s going on for me in that moment.

In the last 24 hours, I was inspired by: The ocean waves crashing on the beach represent so much for where I am in life right now.

The vastness of the ocean represents all the possibilities I feel in front of me as I move to a new city.

The fluidity as well as the force of the waves represents the adaptability and strength that I strive to incorporate in my daily life.

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Favorite yoga staples: This La Vie Boheme yoga mat. Black, full length leggings and plenty of colorful sports bras. I LIVE in black yoga leggings and probably have over 20 pairs – I wear them for class, to teach, and even paired with heels for a night out. Some brands I am loving right now are Lorna Jane, Teeki, and Onzie. Wonderland Honolulu also makes great kimonos that are perfect for before and after class. And I always have about a half a dozen bracelets on which have a variety of sentimental meanings.

Best post-yoga snack: Green Juice!

Favorite off-mat places to unwind and relax: Esalen Institute in Big Sur is one of my favorite places on the planet. Hot springs, yoga, meditation, nourishing food, amazing people. I also love my bright little apartment in Venice, a block from the beach – I head to the beach everyday even if it’s just for 2 minutes to take in a few breaths.

Personal fitness tip: Listen to your body!

It sounds so simple but with the fast pace of our lives we often check out and just “do” rather than “be”. Take a moment to pause and let your body educate you.

Also, change up your routine often! I would love to just stretch and do yoga all day but I mix it up with spin, strength training, rock climbing, and all kinds of other activities to keep my body guessing and also prevent injury from my hypermobility.

Words to live by: “Smile, breathe, and go slowly” – Thich Nhat Hanh



On Katherine: Wonderland Honolulu kimono, Onzie capri pant, Onzie sports bras, Teeki Shorts, La Vie Boheme Yoga Mat

Katherine Amoedo

Photography: Kat Page

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