Wanderlust! 10 Instagrams to Follow For Adventure Envy

Pack a PB&J and set your alarm – we’re headed to the mountains. Like us, these Instagram users have caught a bad case of wanderlust. The good news: it’s highly contagious. Consider them the social media shamens of our time, capturing the spirit of adventure in every ethereal photo. From the Pacific Northwest forests to the San Bernardino Mountains, to Death Valley and every secret spot in between, these sun chasers and desert dwellers will have you saying ‘sayonara’ to your mundane city life. Don’t sit there scrolling all day though, GO!



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Jack Strutz Los Angeles fashion and lifestyle photographer. Hopelessly depressing cat allergy. 98% iPhone 5. http://www.jackstrutz.com



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Foster Huntington: I lit out from reno, I was trailed by twenty hounds didnt get to sleep last night till the morning came around… http://www.facebook.com/arestlesstransplant


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Magdalena Wosinska instagram confuses me.do i know you or are we just digital friends? http://magdalenawosinska.com


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“kittylix My head is air — it’s everywhere.”


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Kevin Russ Full-time traveler and explorer Currently: Southwest USA All iPhone unless noted http://society6.com/kevinruss/prints


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Meg. Pacific Northwest forest nymph // Forget not that the earth delights to feel your bare feet and the winds long to play with your hair http://www.audreyleona.etsy.com


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Chuck Lang d r e a m . w a n d e r . b e l i e v e watch as your heart speeds up endlessly http://chucklang.tumblr.com


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brittneypanda i think of you in colors that don’t exist http://brittneypanda.com


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Cory Staudacher Designer // Photographer // Seattle http://blog.withheartsablaze.com



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