Vol. 1 Let’s Escape – Angeles National Forest with Duluth Pack

It’s with a full heart that I publish our first installation of CULT’s #LetsEscape series, a video that took weeks in the making by a team of dedicated, talented and inspiring creatives. Two years ago, I bought the domain for CULT, intending it to be a platform for my own escape – a place to house my thoughts, musings and accounts of others whose own creative escapes inspire me. After all, escapism, for me, is not only the physical act of moving from one place to another, but the emotional journey that results from immersing oneself in new metaphysical terrain.

I’ve tried to tell the stories of various creatives, brands, people, and places on these pages in the hopes that they will provide some sort of equally compelling and comforting escape to you readers as they do for me. In my experience, a minute lost in someone else’s story is never wasted – it’s a beautiful escape, a place of refuge, and a means to learn – a glimpse into a rare personal dreamworld.

In our first installation of the #LetsEscape series, we headed up to Angeles National Forest with our friends at Duluth Pack for a day of exploration and escapism. My wish for you is that through this series, and every escape you happen upon for that matter, whether intentional or unplanned – be a way to learn, to grow, to feel inspired, to think new ways, seek encouragement or find solace. May your escapes take you to the most beautiful places. #LetsEscape

We do not travel to escape life, but for life not to escape us

Directed by Erik Rojas / Alex Familian
Edit / Color by Erik Rojas
Produced by Drea Sobieski
Model: Ivy Miller @  newMark Models
Music courtesy of Helios / Keith Kenniff
Clothing: Duluth Pack

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