Daydreaming on Virgin Island – LENNI the Label

Dive in to the latest LENNI the Label lookbook, featuring model Tahlia Moffitt stylishly playing the role of a vintage sea siren. Set on the shores of a secluded Australian beach, Brett Rutkowski’s photography takes us in to a sun-drenched dream where we’re daydreaming of summer and chasing sun rays all day.

Enter Aussie label LENNI’s summer-inspired castaway dream above (or view the full lookbook on their blog) and shop your favorite new and old items here.


Sea of sin I’m swimming in and I’m taking a dive
My mind’s in need so my body feeds and it keeps me alive
It gets better and better as it gets wetter and wetter
Sea of sin, know where you’ve been but I don’t care

Virgin Island
Photography: Brett Rutkowski
Model: Tahlia Moffitt
Styling & Art Direction by LENNI
All clothing by LENNI & vintage, Swimsuit by Tahlia J Noir


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