Tall Tree Music Festival Highlights

Tall Tree Music Festival takes place in the sleepy town of Port Renfrew, Vancouver Island, Canada, attracting people from all over Vancouver Island and the mainland coast. Port Renfrew, population of 250, is known simultaneously for its logging industry and old growth forests; it is here that Tall Tree is challenging some of the negative stereotypes that music festivals are known for.

With no cell service anywhere in Port Renfrew you won’t see the usual sea of cellphones out during the live performances. Furthermore the single use mentality of plastic water bottles is eliminated with recycling and water refill stations available throughout the venue. A ban on car camping, a low-ticket ceiling and an eclectic line up of artists make this festival a truly unique and beautiful experience.

Festival-goers become immersed in the all-accepting energy of the patrons, volunteers, artists and crew. It may seem as though most people already know each other – they do – but this is one of the most welcoming festival crowds you’ve ever gotten lost in.


Photos by Breeze Photography

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