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If you’re still a stranger to Sub_Urban Riot, now is a good time to head DTLA and check out their first flagship store. The store is filled with a wide variety contemporary clothes and accessories such as RAEN sunnies, Birkenstocks, and Poler backpacks, as well as Sub_Urban’s own line of cheeky tees, including everyone’s (and our) favorite KALE pullover. While the store offers a wide selection of everything from soaps to sunnies, quality plays a key role in Sub_Urban Riot’s selection, featuring brands that are modern and trend-driven, but with a commitment to craftsmanship.

Founders Nate and Jason began designing tees for their friends, who happened to be creators/characters of “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia”. Fans went wild over the tees on the characters, and the result was the first Sub_Urban Riot collection.

We spoke to founders Nate and Jason on being besties with the Always Sunny crew and the philosophy of quality over quantity. Scope our interview with them below, and head over to their DTLA store to shop the goods (we call dibs on the KALE shirt)!

Photography: Kat Page


CULT: Tell us about Sub_Urban Riot! In many ways, the collection embodies the less-is-more principal – how do you define luxury?

The less is more principal is one we live by. Not just with our clothing design, but day to day. In fact, that’s how we define luxury. Luxury is not about amassing expensive things. It’s about how we live our lives, and who dictates it. We live by the ethos that personal freedom and independence is the ultimate luxury. We’ve just been lucky enough to build a business around that idea.

CULT: What are some of your favorite items in the store right now?

Fav items for men: Selvedge stitch trouser, Football Tee, Layrite Pomade, and Jansport Duffle. For women: KALE sweatshirt, Mariette Hoody, Casey Vneck, and patent leather Birkenstocks.

CULT: How did the opportunity to design for It’s Always Sunny come to be?

The Sunny opportunity came along when the show creators sold the show to FX. They all lived down the street from us in Venice (where we lived and started our company). We all met when they were launching the show, and we were launching our apparel brand. We all thought it would be funny to put some goofy designs on the characters… and 9 seasons later, it’s become part of the fabric of the show/fan relationship.

CULT: What do you love most about living and working in DTLA?

Living and working in DTLA is the embodiment of our notion of luxury. I walk to work, have access to the best restaurants in town, and am surrounded by vibrant creative energy. Plus there are tons of dogs, and it’s easy to get to know your neighbor. Downtown LA is hands down the most interesting neighborhood in town right now. Sorry Venice.

Words to live by:

Everything in moderation, including moderation.

Sub_Urban Riot

111 W 7th St

Los Angeles, CA 90014

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