Stop, Breathe, & Think: This Meditation App is a Gamechanger

When was the last time that you disconnected and listened calmly to the voices inside your head? The rise of meditation’s popularity in recent years has proven that this ancient practice is not just for buddhists, hippies and yogis. The importance and benefits of meditation are numerous – mindful meditation lowers stress, improves mood and sleep, improves your work ethic and even has been linked to consciously helping to control weight gain and even emotions. Well,  just like all great things these days, there’s now an app for that.

We know what you’re thinking – seems a bit antithetical – we should be turning off our iPhones to disconnect, not on? Well last time we checked, it’s how you choose to use the tools given to you that matter most.

In a world where smartphones dominate our daily lives, a new app called Stop, Breath, & Think (SB&T) is working with the technology, instead of against it, to provide an app that allows you to meditate, literally anywhere. No excuses. It’s kind of like having a tiny buddha in your pocket.

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It begins with 10 seconds of reflection – on your emotions, thoughts and feelings. Next, you choose the ones you feel most strongly about. The app then provides a list of various length audio meditation guides, catered towards your specific needs according to your selected emotions. You can even track your progress over time.

Stop, Breathe, & Think was created by Tools For Peace, a non-profit with a beautiful vision: helping people across the world connect through kindness and compassion. This app is the first step towards making that goal a reality, and we couldn’t be more onboard.

Even if you’re a meditation newbie like us, or skeptical of the benefits of mindful meditation, we highly recommend giving SB&T a shot. Trust us, if everyone used this app, the world would be a much calmer, kinder place.

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Stop, Breathe & Think

Tools For Peace

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