Stacey Todd Boutique Opens in WeHo

Attention WeHo! Robertson Blvd just got hauter. Designer Stacey Todd is set to open a new boutique on Roberston Blvd tomorrow, August 17, to complement her thriving and sophisticated Studio City den. As the daughter of designer Norman “Todd” Ruta—responsible for the iconic outfits donned by Mary Tyler Moore – Stacey has fashion in her blood. Her curated selections in the Stacey Todd Boutique range from exclusive top couture pieces to home and lifestyle products such as candles, coffee and table books. Oh, and did we mention the full fashion denim bar, stocked with your favorite brands?

We got the scoop from Stacey about some of her current favorite designers as well as what life was like growing up with a fashion icon. Read the interview below, and get there early tomorrow for dibs on her amazing collection. (454 N Roberston Blvd.)


CULT: Tell us a bit more about your background before opening your shop:

Stacey: I was born and raised in the Hollywood Hills and am the daughter of designer Norman “Todd” Ruta—responsible for the iconic outfits donned by Mary Tyler Moore.  I went to NYC as a student at FIT during the day while working in my dad’s Broadway showroom at night.  I returned to LA where my dad and I co-created Todd & Co, a contemporary spin on the Norman Todd band.  I took some time off to take on the role of being a mother to my daughters Erynn and Kyle but never stopped designing.  I developed two clothing lines: ELF and Tot Couture.  I loved to design but I always had a dream of opening a store and in 2000 I opened Stacey Todd in Studio City, CA.

CULT: How would you describe the store’s aesthetic?

Stacey: I would describe the store’s aesthetic as understated, sophisticated, classic and wearable… with an edge!  It is ahead of the curve and definitely fashion forward, but not “trendy”.  I love classic fashion, but like to put my spin on things by adding something unexpected.  My store is a reflection of my personal style not only in fashion, but the ambiance as well…everything has a twist.

CULT: What are some of your favorite pieces in the shop right now?

Stacey: Isabel Marant Boots, Phillip Lim leather jacket, Rick Owens Knit Harem pants, R13 Linen Tees, BOY by Band of Outsiders military inspired blazer, Rhonda Ochs Designs Black Croc Backpack and DSquared Denim

CULT: What do you love about having a store in Los Angeles?

Stacey: Los Angeles is a fashion town and people here definitely appreciate how I select each seasons looks and curate the store.  I love to be able to provide an environment for these fashionistas to escape to shop, but also take a minute to unwind.  We like to joke that its just like CHEERS!… where everyone knows your name!


CULT: What’s a typical day like for you?

Stacey: Everyday is different, but it always starts the same and ends the same! I start by catching up on the news and then my emails, then off to Muscle Under gym for a little morning workout, and grab a coffee on my way over the hill to the Studio City Store.  Morning is followed by lunch with the “ST” girls.  At the store I check out the new arrivals and review some orders all in between running errands for my husband, daughters and dog. At the end of the day, it’s back over the hill for a little R&R: a mani/pedi and a glass of Pinot followed by dinner with the hubby.

CULT: Who are some of your favorite designers?

Stacey: Saint Laurent, Isabel Marant, Barabra Bui, R13, Celine, The Row


CULT: When you’re not working, where can we find you?

Stacey: Getting a blow dry at Joseph Martin, poolside at the Beverly Hills Hotel on a long weekend, hunting for great antique pieces at Olde Good Things or Bountiful,  cruising the first floor at Barneys for some great shoes, handbags and cosmetics and again, running errands for the family!

CULT: Describe your personal style:

Stacey: Simple, understated, classic, menswear with a feminine touch

CULT: What’s the best professional lesson you’ve ever learned?

Stacey: To observe and learn everything about everything!

CULT: Words to live by:

Stacey: Strive to live an ordinary life in an extraordinary way!

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