Postcards from Morocco – Day Four

Continuing from Day Three, CULT contributor Sofia Tome takes us on a journey through the magical country of Morocco from the Sahara back to Marrakesh in Day Four.

Most of the last day with our guides was spent on a 9-hour ride back to Marrakesh. On our drive, we passed the ancient, red rock formations, flat, dry lake beds, and gazed at the snow capped peaks in the distance.

Knowing our love for design, our guides, Khalid and Rasheed, stopped in a village known for its handmade rugs. We introduced ourselves to a sweet mother-son duo who ran one of the shops and who showed us how to use the largest loom imaginable. We shared some tea and good company and before getting back on the road, with our new rugs in tow.

By evening, we were back in Marrakesh settling in at the Riad Bamileke. Its proximity to Jemaa el-Fnaa, the main square, gave us the perfect opportunity for dinner at the market – kabobs. We settled into bed super early, knowing that we wanted to make the most of every minute on our next and final day.


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