Postcards from Morocco – Day Five, Marrakesh

Continuing from Day Four, CULT contributor Sofia Tome takes us on a journey through the magical country of Morocco, exploring the city of Marrakesh in Day Five.

There was no way Tati and I would leave Marrakesh without visiting the beautiful Jardin Majorelle. You’ve likely seen its stunning, indigo walls before. The artist landscape and botanical garden took french painter Jacques Majorelle over 40 years to build, and its detail and majesty does not go unnoticed.

We had a quick breakfast at the Riad and made it to the garden in time for its opening. The crowd quickly developed, but we made it out with enough time to stroll the street nearby. Some of the cutest boutiques we encountered were right outside of the Jardin, where we picked up some eclectic souvenirs at 33 Rue Majorelle – totally worth it!

By early afternoon, we were headed to the airport for our flight to Madrid, on the way back home.


Useful tips for Morocco:

Always say yes to Moroccan tea, especially when it comes with piles of fresh mint!

Don’t skip the OJ at breakfast – Moroccan oranges are the sweetest I’ve ever had.

Bread! Eat it! It’s amazing – in all of its forms.

If you’re with a guide, and you drive through an oasis, stop for dates!

All in all, we crammed a ton into just a few days. And even though we didn’t see it all, I am grateful for the friendships forged with our gracious guides and the time that we spent exploring this part of the world.

At first, I was worried that this might be my only trip to Morocco, but, now, I am convinced that I will make my way back, again.

Read Sofia’s journey from Part One, here.

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