Packing Guide – Island of Vis, Croatia

The many islands of Croatia sprinkle the Adriatic Sea, towering out of the crystal blue waters with their otherworldly terrain, each housing a unique ecosystem and atmosphere. The furthest of these islands off the main central Dalmatian islands lies Vis – a less-traveled escape for locals and savvy tourists alike.

The Croatian coast as a destination is still often overshadowed by its Mediterranean neighbors. The Amalfi and French coastlines tend to attract most of the attention, while Croatia silently sits back and basks in its warm Mediterranean sun and Sirocco winds.

Here on the Island of Vis, time passes slowly – the winds bring a relaxing, soothing atmosphere while locals fill the island with quintessential laid back European charm. Here, there are no crowded beaches or lines. Only the sounds of the warm summer sea, and the time to enjoy the presence of simply being.

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