October Canyons – EXCLUSIVE CULT Editorial by Kathryn Page

Our favorite season is upon us – the time when changing leaves, dark mornings and crisp autumn winds give us an excuse to drink warm whiskey ciders and pull out our favorite oversized sweaters. More than anything, this time of year reflects transformation. The magic of October brings change – a beautiful and mysterious, albeit sentimental transformation. There’s something symbolic in how beautiful the leaves are just before they die – before they leave their branches bare.  And while the empty trees are doomed to face the wintery wind alone, there is the knowledge and promise of Spring. Warmth will once again return to the air, life will once again permeate the ground, and mornings will once again be filled with light. But in knowing that we must experience the inevitable darkness to wait for the light once more, there is little to do than to embrace the transformation. Trust the process, find inspiration in autumn’s palette, and seek recluse in the warmth.

We decided to shoot our own exclusive Fall-inspired editorial, featuring some of our favorite pieces for the season. Shot by Kathryn Page in the canyons of Los Angeles, where although a lack of fall foliage, there is no shortage of scenery. The canyon walls reflected the early sunset, a glowing copper light, as the temperatures dropped double digits.

No matter where in the world you happen to be this Fall, spend some time outside soaking in the miracle of every early sunset. Close your eyes and taste the autumn air. Embrace the impending darkness and know that just as the metaphor for life, it’s not the darkness that defines us, it’s what we choose to do with the light given to us that will.

october canyon


october canyon

october canyon


october canyon

october canyon


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October Canyon – CULT

Photography: Kathryn Page

Model: Julia Millhouse – Two Management

Art Direction & Styling: Drea Sobieski

Set Assistant: Alex Baldwin

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