Meet Fitspot – The App That Takes Fitness Mobile

We’ve all been there – between busy schedules, drink meetings, errands and side hustles, who has time to workout?!? Enter Fitspot, a new app on the scene that is banishing your workout woes by bringing fitness directly to you. That’s right – no more excuses.

Fitspot gives access to on-demand personal training sessions. Users can sign up for one-on-one workouts that fit into their non-stop, busy lives. The best part? App users can actually search nearby for certified trainers and classes in order to squeeze workouts in wherever they are, whenever they want. Sessions start at a flat rate of $59 – a small price to pay for the convenience and customized experience. With classes spanning pilates, boxing, yoga, cross-fit, and more – there’s a workout waiting for you.

We caught up with Fitspot’s CEO and founder, Jonathan Cohn. As a former college athlete meets investment banker, he knows a thing or two about squeezing workouts in between a busy schedule. Read on for his personal motivation for staying healthy, and his (big) plans for Fitspot’s future –


What was the inspiration behind Fitspot?

As a professional trainer, I constantly have to deal with cancellations, dead time during the day and sourcing new clients. In a past life, I was an investment banker and I always struggled with scheduling a work out into my hectic schedule. Solving these common logistical problems from both sides ignited the inspiration behind Fitspot.

What was one of the biggest problems you identified in the health / fitness space that contributed to fitspot’s inception?

I really think it was a combination of problems within the health/fitness space that contributed to the inception of Fitspot. Personal training sessions come at a high price point, there is a lack of trainer productivity and gym utilization during certain hours of the day. The fitness marketplace is flooded with fad group fitness classes where people don’t feel adequately instructed due to the large class size. Most importantly, I always found clients complaining that they could never fit their work out in, getting to the gym was too difficult and after driving there and parking they would only have 20 minutes to work out before they have to turn around to get back to work.

Is there a limit to the types of workout that fitspot’s trainers will cover?

Fitspot currently offer six fitness genres: strength training, cross fit, yoga, pilates, boxing and tennis. We plan to expand these options as the Fitspot trainer community grows.

What if you want to workout with a partner/friend?

You can split Fitspot sessions with up to two friends. Single sessions start at just $59, duet sessions for $70 and triplets for $90. With cashless payments, everyone chips in automatically.

How are the trainers selected to be a part of the program?

In order to become a Fitspot trainer, trainers provide a copy of their insurance and training certifications. Once we have that information Fitspot runs a third party background check. We then personally vet all trainers through a combination of phone and in-person screenings including observing and participating in the candidate’s work out.

What is the incentive for users vs just booking with their personal trainers?

With Fitspot users can outsmart routine with new workouts that push you harder. You can split sessions with up to two friends. Fitspot sessions can take place anywhere: at home, in a park or at one of our partnering gym facilities. Sessions start at just $59 and you can start training within 30 mins of booking. Fitspot is about convenience. Users dictate when and where they want to work out. You work out on your schedule versus your trainer’s schedule. Fitspot eliminates gym memberships. You are no longer tied to a certain gym, trainer, workout or location.

What motivates you to stay healthy?

I was a collegiate athlete and fitness has always been an important part of my life. I want to stay healthy for the future. My father had a heart attack at 63 years old. It really scared me. I realized how important it is to maintain an active and healthy lifestyle so you can live life to the fullest.

What do you hope to accomplish with Fitspot?

I hope to make it easier for people to challenge themselves physically on a regular basis. I hope to make someone’s last minute cancelled meeting or lunch break an hour of time they can devote to working out. Fitspot will hold monthly community Fitspots for free to help people within the community get fit. We plan on donating a percentage of profits each month to a partnering charitable organization that focuses on health and wellness. We want to give back to the community and make fitness accessible to everyone.

Visit the Fitspot website and sign up here.

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