Marie Turnor’s New Collection Is In The Bag

It takes a special someone to look at a Trader Joe’s grocery bag or those plastic Ikea carry-alls as muses. But, LA-based Marie Turnor is one of those people who can turn the mundane into mad cool. Take, for example, her original Picnic Bag, which looks like a basic brown paper bag…but is actually a buttery soft leather clutch. Playful without being too ironic, these Spring 2014 versions below won’t be available for a few months. But fret not, there are tons of options on her site to hold you over — including a metallic laser-cut beaut that’s bound for our virtual shopping cart.


Clockwise, from top left: The Matinee, The Scout, The Trader, The Dinner, The Symple, The Aria.

Marie Turnor

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