LA On The Rise – CULT Playlist

Some of the greatest legends in music history have emerged from the Los Angeles music scene; from Guns N’ Roses to The Beach Boys, The Bangles to Van Halen. Musicians flock to LA from all over the world to surround themselves in left coast culture and soak in the vibes. So who is the next generation of artists making waves in the SoCal scene? We curated a mix of some of our current obsessions – the ultimate LA list for the underground aficionado. Haim, (rhymes with ‘Dime’), bro-sis duo Wardell, and our newest fav, Warships, are just a few of the dynamic bands to round out this playlist. Bump up the volume and let this list be the soundtrack to your weekend, sending you into the night with some sweet California dreams.

LA On The Rise

Cut It Out – Kitten
Heater – Warships
Forever Found – Kan Wakan
Don’t Save Me – Haim
Operating – Hunter Hunted
Brother – Lord Huron
Peaches – In The Valley Below
Thieves & Kings – The Peach Kings
Catamaran – Allah-Las
1940 – The Submarines
Garden Grays – Wildcat! Wildcat!
Fireworks of the Sea – White Arrows
Leisure Vibes – Pageants
Fangs – Little Red Lung
Call It What You Want – Wardell
The Hardest Part – Kisses
Psychic Driving – Soft Metals
In My Face – RYAT
Dead In Your Head – Bleached
I Slept With All Your Mothers – Harriet
Won’t Let You Leave – Jenny O.

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