Let’s Escape with Jackie from Fuggiamo

We’re in love with the effortless vibes and simplistic yet fashion-forward pieces available at Fuggiamo. Meaning “let’s escape” in Italian, this wanderlust-inspired online shop has a story as unique as its collections. Behind the brand, Jackie Sun is a travel obsessed dreamer who has made her way around the globe to gather inspiration, share local treasures and find encouragement to build and grow her business – all concepts we at CULT are on board with. 

Jackie is currently living in LA, where we caught up with her and asked for some jetsetting tips and tricks for exploring the world, even encompassing the urge to go solo.

Fuggiamo - The Cult Collective 

CULT: Tell us about yourself and why you started Fuggiamo.

Jackie: I grew up in South Texas and LA, and over the years, I’ve worked in fashion buying for Saks Fifth Avenue in NY and an ecomm site in LA.  Owning my own shop had always been in the back of my mind, especially as I felt increasingly unfulfilled in the corporate world.  A trip to Nepal planted the seed, but a backpacking adventure in Southeast Asia really pushed me to pursue my dream of combining my love of fashion and travel.  Fuggiamo was born of this desire to share the amazing finds, emerging designers, and inspiring stories I was discovering from around the world.

CULT: Fuggiamo means “let’s escape”. How has your own travel shaped the brand?

Jackie: Fuggiamo is definitely inspired and informed by my travels. The concept of escape is so important to me, because it allows me to unwind, connect, and refuel.

Getting out of my headspace, seeing how others live, and spending time in nature always brings me back to what’s important.

I’ve become more conscious of whom I work with and what I bring to the site.  Each collection is carefully curated. However, the shop will always be multi-faceted, ever evolving, and infused with an modern bohemian spirit.

CULT: Walk us through your spring/summer collection. What inspired you when sourcing?

Jackie: Minimalism.  Warmer temperatures are about skin and stripping down to the essentials, so I thought a lot about meaningful basics.  In the shop, you’ll find effortless slip and maxi dresses mixed with versatile jewelry.  This season, I was super excited to introduce a new (to Fuggiamo) apparel brand, Della.  It’s a women operated fashion line that works with, supports, and trains a co-op of artisans in Ghana.

CULT: You do some buying while you travel. How do you find the perfect pieces?

Jackie: I research before each buying trip, so I know of artisan markets or fair trade groups.  And, I talk to locals.  That has been immensely helpful in connecting me with the right people and areas.  I LOVE traditional handicrafts, so sometimes it can be difficult to resist buying everything when I’m in front of beautiful textiles and jewelry.  I try to choose items that are unique, affordable, ethically produced by like-minded partners, and respectful of the culture.

CULT: What places have you been inspired by recently?

Jackie: I recently returned from a few weeks in Nepal.  Each time I visit, I come away so inspired by its generous people, natural beauty, and lively culture.  During my trip, I met with a few organizations doing amazing work combating sex trafficking.  It was incredibly humbling and motivating to see firsthand their passion and work.  Sadly though, my heart has been overwhelmed with thoughts of the people I met and everyone affected by the tragic earthquake.  We raised money recently to help with emergency response efforts, and I’m strategizing on ways to contribute to long term aid and give back to a community that’s given me so much.

CULT: Any advice for those out there who are hesitant to travel alone?

Jackie: Yes, DO IT.  Quite honestly, it can be a bit frightening, uncomfortable, and lonely, but

being in that vulnerable place is what makes it so beautiful and rewarding.

You’re that much more open to experiences you probably wouldn’t otherwise have.  Be safe though!  Trust your instincts, and use common sense as you would back home.

CULT: What destinations are you hoping to cross off your list in the near future?

Jackie: Oh man, I want to see it all!  Africa and Latin America have always beckoned.  When given the choice, I tend to gravitate towards the off-the-beaten path.  I’m fascinated by the rich history and craftsmanship of Central Asia.  I’d love to explore Mongolia, Uzbekistan, Bhutan…. Also, I’d love to road trip through New Zealand in an RV.  The remoteness and diverse landscape of the country is so enticing.

CULT: As a travel pro, what are your biggest tips for visiting foreign land?

Jackie: Be open and flexible.  And to echo my mom, a light scarf or sarong is a lifesaver!  You can use it as a blanket when cold, a cover-up when visiting a religious site, and a fashion accessory when going out for dinner or drinks.

CULT: What’s your favorite place you’ve traveled to? What did you love about it?

Jackie: That’s always a hard question to answer.  I’m deeply attached to a few places like California, Nepal, Southeast Asia, Mexico….If I had to choose one though, it would probably be Myanmar.  I spent nearly a month there in 2012, right before the elections.  Exploring a country that was relatively isolated and closed off, but about to go through a major transition, was surreal.  Many locals didn’t speak English and were somewhat guarded because of political reasons, but for the most part, they were kind hearted.

And, I’ll never forget experiences like having entire temples to ourselves in Bagan or seeing Aung San Suu Kyi campaign at a rally.

It was definitely a special time to be visiting Myanmar, and I’m grateful for that experience.

CULT: Words to live by:

Jackie: Everything is connected.  Like Steve Jobs once said, “you can’t connect the dots looking forward; you can only connect them looking backwards. So you have to trust that the dots will somehow connect in your future. You have to trust in something — your gut, destiny, life, karma, whatever”.

Shop some of our favorite pieces from Fuggiamo below:

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