Know it Now – Hunter the Label

Like many social-savvy creatives, we first discovered Canberra-based women’s clothing collection Hunter the Label on social media. Their architecturally-inspired art direction drew us to their website, where a closer look at their modern designs and beautifully bohéme pieces had us swooning.

Hunter’s designer, Sara Wurcker, began making clothes for herself when a search for the perfect piece in her wardrobe was unfruitful. It was this feeling, combined with the desire to make clothes that are timeless and wearable that inspired Wurcker to professionally study fashion design. “Most importantly though, I want to make clothes that people enjoy wearing no matter how they are feeling.” she adds.

Her designs are typically formed by an aesthetic or feeling, rather than trends and seasons, drawing inspiration from everything in a subconscious manner. “It’s hard to explain but for example at the moment I have been listening to a lot of Cocteau Twins and reading Haruki Murakami.  These things tend to filter into my design process and influence the feel of the collection.”

For the last few years Wurcker has been running a studio/ retail space called Wildwood Studio in Canberra. During this time the brand has been exclusive to Wildwood, but with the launch of its e-comm shop earlier this month, we anticipate some big moves (and big demands) on the Hunter horizon.









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