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When it comes to botany, we don’t even pretend to know the basics – (succulents don’t ever need to be watered, right?) That’s why we turn to the experts, and perhaps this is why we were so intrigued by Heather William’s Silver Lake shop, Twig & Twine. Stationed on Virgil Ave between Marathon and Melrose, and neighbors to esteemed cafe and CULT hangout spot SQIRL, Twig & Twine is a diamond in the rough – a floral heaven filled with blooms, books, handcrafted goods and gifts.

An LA transplant by way of San Francisco, owner and designer Heather Williams had goals of opening a flower shop that was more than just flowers. Her design studio doubles as a retail spot and event space, hosting everything from floral arranging lessons to an array of artisanal gifts and home decor treats including Baleen jewelry, Jacobsen Salt, PLANT Brooklyn, and yummy Raaka chocolate bars.

We were so inspired by Twig & Twine’s curation of treasures, we had to meet Heather for ourselves. Read our Q&A with this beautiful soul below as she gives us a 101 tutorial in floral basics and design, and spills on her favorite Los Angeles haunts and hangouts.

Photography: Kathryn Page 


CULT: Tell us about yourself – how was Twig & Twine born?

Heather: Twig & Twine started as a floral and event design business when I was still living in San Francisco. I relocated to LA three and a half years ago and was lucky enough to get my business off the ground in a new city pretty quickly due to pointed networking and a lot of hard work. About a year ago I was looking for a new studio space, as I had outgrown the previous space, and stumbled across the Virgil Street location while driving in my neighborhood. At the time I didn’t have a retail shop in mind but the space was too good to pass up so I inquired about the lease. I knew there was a gap in the market of flowers shops that sell more than just flowers in LA so I went for it! Definitely a gut decision but so far it’s proven to be successful and I am happy with the expansion of Twig & Twine into a retail location as well as an event based business.


CULT: What do you love most about flower arranging / the floral business


Creating with elements, colors and textures that have grown from the ground is pretty amazing. Earth creates some of the most beautiful specimens.

The seasonal changes also keep things interesting and in constant rotation. The colors at each time of year are very inspiring.


CULT: Are there any floral arranging 101 tips and tricks, or basic rules for us beginners? What should we look for in a good floral composition?

Heather: If you’re a beginner, keep things simple. Stick with a monochromatic color scheme or use all one type of flower. And don’t forget about greenery/foliage! It can really spruce up an arrangement and frame the blooms in an attractive manner. I often use clippings from my yard for this so I don’t have to buy an entire bunch for a smaller arrangement.


CULT: What items are you currently coveting in the store right now?

Heather: The Turkish towels (peshtemals) that I carry are a perfect summertime treat. I use them for bathing, picnic blankets, as scarves, beach towels or even tablecloths. So multi-purposeful and they come in an array of great colors and prints. I also really love the Tisane Collection of petite candles by Tatine. The simplistic packaging and lovely scents make a perfect gift for yourself or a friend.



CULT: Personal favorite type(s) of flowers?

Heather: This is such a tough question for a florist! It really depends on the season but ranunculus are definitely one of my top 3. Can’t go wrong with those pretty little petalled ladies. Especially when they are at their peak season in spring and bloom in the most gorgeous colors.


CULT: Where do you find inspiration for the shop? (people, designers, books, blogs, busineses, etc)

Heather: I find inspiration all over the place. Blogs, magazines, Pinterest, other shops, creative friends, etc. I’m always on the look out for new goods to sell. As an avid shopper this is the fun part for me though. : )


CULT: What are some of your favorite local haunts and places to visit in Silverlake / Los Angeles?

Heather: SQIRL, Lawson-Fenning, L&E Oyster Bar, Proof Bakery, Myrtle, Bar Stella, Individual Medley, Sycamore Kitchen, American Rag, Bestia…I could go on and on and on.


CULT: What do you know now that you wish you knew when starting a business?

Heather: It’s hard to name just one. I wouldn’t be where I am now if I didn’t learn and grow along the way, that’s part of the process, but it would have been nice to know more about financial planning, pricing structures and how important it is to create a brand along with your product. Something I’m glad I’ve had from the beginning and would encourage people to do is find allies within your industry to talk with. That’s been huge for me on an emotional and business level. I’m grateful for a handful of women that I bounce ideas off of and get honest, intelligent advice and input from.


CULT: Three things that few people know about you are…

Heather: I’m a sucker for sweets. I have zero self control. Thankfully my job keeps me active to counteract the calorie consumption.

I used to have a line of children’s clothing. It was my first venture in owning a business. It’s defunct now but my friends’ kids sport some seriously cute duds.

I’m an only child and have zero first cousins. I think that’s pretty rare. I meet a lot of only children but most have at least a few first cousins. I have some serious family gene passing pressure all on me.


CULT: Shop mantra / words to live by:

If it feels right, do it. Your instincts are usually spot on.



Heather Williams of Twig & Twine


Photography: Kathryn Page 

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