7 Reasons to Tone it Up from Eco-Chic Skincare Expert Indie Lee

Finding the right skincare regimen is often a daunting, metaphorical maze. One seemingly correct turn often leads to a dead end and another pimple. It’s an endless, literally endless, journey of products, facewashes, toners, scrubs, masks, and micropeels until you find the regimen that sticks. But even then, it’s important to constantly educate ourselves on the importance of different products and routines.

There’s a lot of misconception about toners – they dry out your skin, they simply don’t work etc. We won’t pretend to be an expert on the subject, so we caught up with eco-chic skincare expert Indie Lee to ask her why toners such as her COQ-10 are beneficial, and why they should definitely be integrated into our daily skincare routine.

1. Remove and Detoxify – Toners lift away dead skin cells, toxins, and excess oil (making pores look smaller). They should be considered just as important as cleansers and moisturizers

2. Hydrate All Skin Types – The right toner isn’t just for acne-prone skin and doesn’t contain alcohol or irritate and strip your complexion. Choose a toner that is free of alcohol, astringents and fragrances. Instead, opt for toners with hyaluronic acid (a key anti-aging asset) for added hydration that helps deliver elasticity, softness and smoothness to your skin

3. Cleanse and Refresh – While it’s ideal to use your toner after cleansing, it can also be used during the day or after a workout as a dry cleanse to remove excess dirt and oil and cool off skin. remember, less dirt and oil translates into a clearer complexion

4. Provide Anti-Aging Benefits and Nourishment – Toners packed with vitamins, such as the CoQ-10 Toner, boost collagen production and protect against wrinkles and premature aging. A quick spritz of a nutrient-rich natural toner can also help promote better blood circulation and freshen skin tone for a healthy looking complexion

5. Soothe – Many toners contain soothing agents (tip, look for cucumber and aloe on the label) that treat redness, rosacea and winter windburn. This also makes them great for men who need something to calm skin or prevent ingrown hairs after shaving.

6. Restore – Look for ingredients such as citrus aurantium. It’s an effective brightening agent that helps improve dull skin and a natural glow

7. Balance – The right toner will pH balance your skin – and balanced skin means healthy skin! When skin is healthy and hydrated, it protects the entire body from free radicals, environmental stressors and pollution

– Notes from the eco-chic expert, Indie Lee. Try the COQ-10 toner here.

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