Our Favorite Food Instagrams to Follow for Healthy Living Inspiration

Summer is here, and it’s our favorite season for fresh, healthy eating. Higher temps and more active lifestyles have us craving the readily-available seasonal produce. We just can’t get enough inspiration from healthy food bloggers showing us their daily colorful consumption. From picture-perfect bowls to inventive smoothies and decadent treats, these are some of our insta-food go-to’s.

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@onehungrymami‘s variations of toast will give you a new twist on breakfast. For recipes chock-filled with nutrients, check out this rad account.

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@nourishyourself: beet hummus? Yes, please. This Australian-based Instagrammer balances healthy dinners with oh-so-delicious treats.

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@sweetgreen: newly added to Los Angeles, Sweet Green focuses on locally-sourced, quality ingredients.

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@sproutedkitchen: whipping up hearty bowls, delicious roasts and decadent desserts with wholesome, natural ingredients. This will be your dinner party resource.


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@luisegreenkitchenstories: follow nutritional therapist and author of The Green Kitchen, Luise Vindahl, for some fresh, amazing recipe ideas.

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@lolacooks: vegan cookbook author, YouTube vlogger and healthy lady shows us that animal-free eating can be delicious and beautiful.

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@cleanfooddirtycity: simple food laydowns and ingredient combinations have never looked so beautiful.

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@thebalancedblonde: this vegan pumpkin chocolate chip recipe has us drooling. Follow Jordan’s recipe making and food adventures for a healthy dose of inspiration and body positivity.

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@heirloomla: this Los Angeles-based catering company will encourage you to step up your platter game and incorporate local, real ingredients into your lineup.

Screen Shot 2015-06-02 at 10.58.28 AM

@ohsheglows: Angela Liddon is a Canadian-based mama, veggie lover and author of Oh She Glows cookbook. Her healthy treats will have you replacing your usual ingredients with rainbow-licious fruits and veggies.


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