Elkin & Langley Fox Hemingway Have Us Going Bananas

Designer collabs are a dime a dozen these days, but the latest from Elkin isn’t you run-of-the-mill partnership. Brit and Kara Smith, the sisters behind the LA-based brand, have teamed up with babely Langley Fox Hemingway for a tropical-themed tee that had us going bananas — literally!

Illustrated and modeled by Langley herself (she’s quite the renaissance woman!), the cheeky design is playful (looks like a set of lungs, right?) and fitting for the label’s Spring ’14 theme. Inspired by tropical paradises of decades past, Brit and Kara list ’40s Havana, ’50s Hawaii, ’60s Mexico, and ’80s Miami as influences. But, it’s not just sandy beaches — these resort-laden lands also feature a dark side: drug cartels, immigration, war, suffering…the list goes on. It’s that paradox of tropical paradises that we see in the recent collection. Brit explained it to us as, “tortured darkness balanced with that innocent lightness that we love.”

Since the Spring ’14 range won’t be available for some time, why not whet your appetite with some shots of Langley being down-right adorable? Bon appetit!




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