DIY: Branch Decor A-La-Mode

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Lazy Sundays were meant for crafting. And when you mix wine, cheese, and crafts – well, fuck yeah, I’m in. I found these beautiful white conifer branches on the ground during a recent hike and scooped them up with the notion that they could be repurposed. Tree branches are really having a moment – right?

Why a tree branch – you ask? Well, why not! The idea is pretty versatile – I’ve seen a few DIY ideas for tree branch crafting including this one and this one for displaying and hanging jewelry. Others have crafted branches into horizontal dream catchers and hung feathers, beads and shells from strings at the bottom. I liked the raw aesthetic of these branches and decided to keep the project minimal by simply wrapping and gluing some embroidery floss to them and adorning my wall with their rustic touch.

What you will need:
Tree branch
Embroidery floss (or yarn, twine, etc)
Beads, Feathers, etc for adorning
Q-Tip for glue

photo 3

Begin by tying a tight knot around the branch, and trimming the short end close to the tie.

photo 4

Firmly and carefully wrap the string or yarn around the branch, forming a series of bands. Once you are satisfied with the length of the color band, trim the end and glue it down with a strong adhesive (we used Mod Podge).

photo 5

Continue to wrap bands of different colors around the branches, in any pattern that you want – you can experiment with wrapping colors or fabrics in layers, mixing materials, etc.

photo 1

You get the general idea – the rest is up to you! Tree branch a la mode – throw some nails in it to hang your jewelry, use it as a centerpiece, or hang it on your wall as is. Regardless, a creative and simple way to integrate a rustic touch into your home, or at least, kill a Sunday afternoon.

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