CULT Spotlight: BONDAX

Each decade is naturally defined by a musical genre that permeates beyond the music scene into style, movies, and the overall culture. The 60’s and 70’s evoke rose-colored visions of bell-bottomed babes and mutton-chopped men getting down to Jimi Hendrix and Janis Joplin, the 80’s are a glittery poof of airy bouffants and equally fluffy synth pop beats, and the 90’s cast a layer of grunge over anassemblage of greasy locks, faded flannel and gritty vocals.

Now that we’re midway through the 2010’s, what started out as as a collective global freakout over the house music cranked out from Europe’s mega DJ’s seems to have found a more sustainable sweet spot in the crisp, smooth sounds of plain-faced DJ duos. The blokes of Disclosure seem to have accepted their role as leading the movement in the mainstream, but there’s a strong undercurrent of artists offering their take on contemporary house with different combinations of innovative sampling and tight production.

Enter: Bondax, another British DJ duo whose sound, while reminiscent of Disclosure’s, has its own refreshing character. Thanks to a strong endorsement from BBC radio at the outset of the decade, these two teenagers have quickly grown in prominence since their first sun-kissed single, “Baby I Got That” hit the scene. Presenting a musical talent beyond their years paired with a touch of schoolboy innocence, members Adam Kaye and George Townsend have blessed SoundCloud, Spotify and the music world as a whole with their bursting, tropical sound.

Weaving threads of 70’s disco, 80’s pop, 90’s house, contemporary R&B and a dash of something all their own into one seamless tapestry, it’s unclear how you could give them a listen without a reflexive need to move your body. Their simple yet funky beats feel like a warm ray of sunshine, providing a sense of invigoration whether you’re setting the stage for a classy cocktail party, an aimless drive, a luxurious Sunday afternoon in bed, or a rowdy rager.

We won’t know who this decade’s iconic acts will be until it has passed, but Bondax’s smooth and refreshing cocktail of sunny beats is certainly setting the stage for them to be a strong contender.
Standouts: Baby I Got That, Giving It All, Gold, Just Smile For Me, You’re So

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