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Quite frankly, we feel somewhat naked if we leave the house sans jewelry. Whether it’s the dainty ones with fine chains, or the big baubles that weigh a ton — any sort of adornment is incredibly necessary. And, rarely does one find a designer who is able to create jewels from both ends of the spectrum. When we stumbled upon Samantha Wills, we knew we found a real gem: an Australian designer with a knack for creating some of the most eye-catching jewelry we’ve ever laid eyes on. We think you’ll agree – any international shipping charges are so worth it.


CULT: Tell us how your eponymous label was born.

Samantha: I started making jewelry as a hobby when I was 11. I started again when I was about 21 making it for friends & calling on my basic knowledge from making it as a child, then started selling the pieces at a local market on the weekends, while working full time in retail through the week. After about a year at the markets, a friend had a spot on a showroom wall at Australian Fashion Week and offered me a spot for the cost of $500. I took it hoping to make one order back and over the week I ended up writing $17,000 worth of orders. I quit my job the next day and have been building the brand ever since!

CULT: What is your earliest jewelry-related memory?

Samantha: When I was about 2 or 3, sitting on my Mum’s lap looking up at her and seeing a beautiful white gold tear drop with a tiny diamond in it sparkling on her décolletage.


CULT: Where do you find inspiration?

Samantha: Before every collection I create a muse in my mind. The designs are for her to wear. She may be traveling, she may be in a beautiful interior, a beautiful landscape, but I am designing for her, she is the SW muse. I find inspiration in hardware elements like door handles, or finishes on old traveling chests. Anything that has a bit of patina and age, I like to use to inspire me to recreate.


CULT: With so many jewelry trends popping up, how do you stay true to the SW mission?

Samantha: I feel that I am in a very fortunate position as a designer this day and age. Instagram allows me to see see exactly who our girl is and how she is wearing her jewelry. Our brand aesthetic is very bohemian luxe. There are ways to incorporate this into jewelry trends with our signature remaining and there are some trends it just won’t apply to. I think making sure each and every single piece — no matter the trend — stays true to the brand and ensures the collection reads brand consistency.


CULT: Which piece do you wear everyday?

Samantha: I am wearing three pieces from our Fine collection everyday. The Amethyst Mineral necklace, the Live This Moment necklace, and the triangle Love Letter necklace engraved with a W for my boyfriend Will. I layer these together everyday & like the mix of different colored fine metals


CULT: Which piece from the current collection are you coveting?

Samantha: The Dream With Me cuff is one of my favorite pieces. It’s from our Seeker of the Night collection and I actually stole the sample from the collection as I loved it so much and couldn’t wait for the production order to arrive!


CULT: Which piece has the most sentimental value?

Samantha: The Bohemian Bardot – this piece has put our brand on the map by being the signature shape. Eva Mendes wore it in 2008 and it has been at the top of our best sellers list ever since!


CULT: If you could raid one person’s jewelry stash, who would it be?

Samantha: Rachel Zoe – she has an incredible mix of stunning diamonds and vintage Chanel and YSL. The perfect mix of bohemian luxe.


CULT: Words to live by:

Samantha: As a designer, my mantra is “create the things you wish existed.”

Samantha Wills


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