Authenticity is at the Core of Chopper Fever Collection

We believe that most good brands are a product of authentic roots. In the case of Chopper Fever, authenticity is at the core of the collection, combining fashion and function. Fabricated in the garage of Los Angeles’ legendary Sunrise Cycles, Chopper Fever boasts a range of rad t-shirts, jackets, denim and accessories that are built to withstand hours of greasework in the shop and miles on the open road. Founded by photographer and designer Jon Dragonette and mechanic maven Kosuke Saito – both have wear tested and personally approved all of the goods on their own time in the shop as well as adventures on the road. Somehow, they managed to design a collection with an aesthetic that actually improves with age. Scope their collection above and get your hands on these greasy goods here.



Sunrise Cycles

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