As a free form diver, Chelsea Yamase has seen and explored part of the world that many of us only ever imagine. Her expeditions span mountain tops to deep sea dives, exploring the corners of the earth with her adventurous spirit. A true islander at heart, we caught up with Chelsea in her hometown of Kaua’i for a moody shoot on a local beach with Amuse Society.

Amuse Society - CULT - Grant Legan16

Travel is… a simultaneous journey with your feet, your head, and your heart.

What I love most about Kauai is… the combination of mountains and ocean.

Home to me is… the ultimate luxury: warmth, good food, friends sharing waves at sunset.

The best place I’ve ever been is…too long of a list to explain. Switzerland, Lisbon, the Maldives, Tahiti, Thailand, on top of a mountain eating wild blueberries in Alaska, The Gorge in Oregon, Eataly in NYC, and chasing cattle on horseback in Arizona are a few that come to mind.

I’ll never forget… being the first one on the mountain snowboarding, going 60mph jet skiing through slot canyons in Lake Powell, swimming with dolphins.

The greatest view is…on the top of a steep mountain, unzipping your tent at sunrise.

I don’t leave home without… a kiss goodbye 🙂

When I’m underwater, I’m usually thinking about… consciousness, the difference between being a body and being a soul having physical experiences. I think it’s my mental trick to make myself more comfortable not breathing.

Next on my bucket list is… horseback camp trip through the wilderness in British Columbia. I just saw the Northern Lights for the first time in my life a few weeks ago which was my previous number one!

Always…do the best your possibly can, never… discredit your intuition. Or forget to bring snacks, snacks are key.

Words to live by… Pay attention. Live simply, explore often. Consume mindfully.

Amuse Society - CULT - Grant Legan23

Chelsea Yamase

Amuse Society

Photography: Grant Legan

Art Direction: Drea Sobieski