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When we discovered Wisconsin-based herbal skin and spirit line, Wild Honey Apothecary on Twitter, we were drawn in by the simplicity of using all natural ingredients. We knew 140 characters wouldn’t cut it – we had to reach out to the master crafter behind the brand, Kat Davis, to learn more about this ‘au naturale’ statement.

Meet Kat – an RN, herboligist, traveler, earthling, entrepreneur, Earth Berm Home owner* and devoted founder of Wild Honey Apothecary. Kat’s philosophy is simple – nature, in it’s basic state, provides superior ingredients from which to care for the body and soul. That’s why all of Wild Honey’s products are free of chemicals or synthetics – every ingredient is intentional (and pronounceable), 100% purely botanical and 200% awesome.

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CULT: Tell us about yourself and your background – what drew you to botany and herbology, and how did that inspire you to start your own Apothecary?

Kat: I live in an Earth Berm Home *(a super rad, eco design where a home is literally sheltered by earth) in Wisconsin, between Milwaukee and Chicago, among some beautiful pine trees. I was born in London and have traveled and lived across the U.S. like a gypsy 😉 I was inspired to start my apothecary after a long period of crafting and studying botanical goodness. I fell so deeply in love with the process that I decided I would focus my intention on living my life through this passion and sustaining myself financially through this devotion.

CULT: Clinically speaking, what makes natural products better for us than store bought brands?

Kat: I am going to have to sum this up, as best I can. To me it comes down to toxins and love. My skin and spirit care does not contain anything toxic, unlike many (if not most) store bought brands. We have all heard this before but really, what we put on our skin literally goes inside our body, it is so important not to put anything on your skin that you don’t want inside of your precious body. As for love, everything that comes out of my workshop is made with heaps of love, truly. Everything was mixed by hand, bottled by hand and not to sound way to out there, I occasionally meditate while doing so, focusing on love and kindness. I love what I do and it infuses into every jar and bottle.

CULT: If we had to pick one of our store bought items to ditch and switch to Wild Honey, which item should we swap?

Kat: The first thing I would swap would be any store bought night cream for our Good Fat Face Serum. It works and is full of good fatty acids that will just love your skin while you sleep.

CULT: What’s one of your favorite ingredients / herbs and why?

Kat: Raw honey and Cacao or two of my favorites. Both of them, throughout history have been considered sacred. They are raw, real and naturally full of vitamins and nutrients that clean, hydrate and fight free radical damage. Not to mention their aroma is magic and these also happen to be two of my favorite things to eat!

CULT: Your beauty routine consists of…

Water lemon water in the morning
Steam facials weekly
Face mask twice a week
Face serum/oil daily and nightly

CULT: What’s the best beauty tip you’ve ever been told?

Kat: Wear sunscreen!!

CULT: Favorite Wisconsin haunts and hideouts for beauty products and healthy goods or meals?

Medusa Bistro in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin. Farm fresh ingredients, sultry candle light, wine bar.

Milwaukee Public Market in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Go hungry.

CULT: The one beauty product you can’t live without:

Kat: Buttermilk Sandalwood Honey Mask

CULT: In the last 24 hours, what has inspired you?

Kat: The snow. Walking back from my mail box yesterday, the snow was everywhere. It was sparkling like prism dust, overwhelmingly beautiful, asking nothing, expecting no praise.

CULT: Words to live by:

“Everything you can imagine is real.” Pablo Picasso

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Wild Honey Apothecary

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