Amilita by We Are Glitter and Gold – Josh Hedge and Lucette Romy

When two creative minds fall in love sparks may often fly, but sometimes, great ideas are born. Australian-based photography duo Josh Hedge and Lucette Romy create beautiful stories under the moniker, We Are Glitter And Gold – an outlet created for them to combine creative forces. Hedge’s eye behind the lens and Romy herself in front of it, proves a powerful and passionate combination that yields absolutely stunning results.

We caught up with lovebirds Josh and Lucette to share an exclusive series featuring one of our favorite Byron-based boheme labels, Amilita. Read on as we get inside their creative minds and discuss the inspiration behind their process and the hopes for the future of We Are Glitter and Gold.


CULT: How did the two of you meet?

L: We met at a little art exhibition in Newcastle –
I didn’t think he would even remember my name. Turns out he was never gonna let himself forget it.
CULT: In the last 24 hours, what inspired you?
J: Knowing that I am making a living doing what I love.
L: I recently watched this speech by Neil Gaiman titled ‘Make Good Art’ – it’s incredible. It basically sums up everything we do as creatives to make our mark on the world. YouTube it ASAP – you won’t regret it!

CULT: What do you love most about being behind (or in front of!) the camera?
J: I can easily go into my shell when I’m in public or around people. I’m not much of a socialite so I think thats why I’ve always loved being behind a camera – It lets me express myself a lot more comfortably without even saying anything verbally.
L: Being in front of the camera is really fun! Sometimes I imagine that I am in another world and playing a persona to the camera. Most of the time though, I can just be myself and that is even more fun – no direction, no over the top styling etc. just caught in a moment.

CULT: Was there a pivotal moment or photograph that you remember that has evolved your personal style?
J: Yes – my very first photo. It felt like the weight of the world finally fell off my little shoulders.
L: Not exactly, I have so many favourite photos and my style is ever changing so it’s hard to pin point. I think most recently though at the first shoot Josh and I did, there was this one image he captured where I can just feel the energy behind the moment. There were these HUGE waves crashing on the cliff I was standing on the edge of, the splash was so big it was going up over my head and I was wearing a white lace night gown staring dead in the camera.
I remember feeling like I was controlling the ocean, and could feel the energy of the earth.
I guess since then I’ve been drawn more into my spiritual self and embracing my femininity a bit more.

CULT: What inspires you more – the past or the present?
J: The present for sure. There are nice moments from the past that are nice to look back on, but theres no moment like the present. Ironically though, as soon as you say the word ‘present’ it’s already past tense by the time you finish saying it so who knows – I guess it’s all fun haha.
L: Both, but more so the past. Everyday is such a blessing, and sadly no one really takes the time to appreciate the world we are living in and just how inspiring each and everyday is. There are some incredible minds doing amazing things and changing the way people look at things, but the world is decaying. It’s great to be able to take inspiration from the past and pretend like we have landed in an uninhabited world only full of nature.

CULT: Tell us about We Are Glitter and Gold – what inspired the partnership project?
J: It just kind of happened quite naturally to be honest. Nothing has changed for us creatively, it’s just that with We Are Glitter And Gold theres a place for us to share what we create together as well as our collaborations with labels. I’m really excited with what can come from it though!
L: It sort of started without us even realising it! We were working together and shooting for a few friends labels and realised that we needed a place to show the full series we were shooting. Especially because the film was just too damn good not to share! So We Are Glitter and Gold was born. Josh has a gold tooth, so that was easy, and in Josh’s words… I am the itty bitty glitterbug. lol

CULT: Are there any challenges being a real-life couple and working together, or do you find it makes the creative process easier?
J: It’s amazing, and I definitely find the process a whole lot easier.
When you add the elements of comfort and love we have together mixed in with our creative minds, it’s just one of those things that happens without any pressure and I think it radiates through our art vibrantly.
L: It really does make the creative process easier, as cliche as it sounds we are constantly fighting each other to finish the others sentence on ideas and thinking the exact same thing. It’s amazing working with Josh because I’m so comfortable with him and he is so comfortable with me. When you are on the same wavelength with the person you are working with and in a loving relationship it makes it incredibly easy.

CULT: Describe each other in 3 words
J: Pixie, Sunflower, Love
L: Fluid, enjoyable, inspiring

CULT: What do you hope that your photos evoke / provoke?
J: Feeling.
L: A sense of freedom and joy. It’s so common to see beautiful images that have no emotion or feeling in them, we want to create art that tells a story for the viewers.

CULT: Words to live by:
J: No words just pictures
L: Stuck on my wall next to my bed…. Remember you have nothing to lose.
‘The difference in living and feeling alive is using your fear as fuel to fly’ – India Arie


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